These photos of Tokyo are so beautiful it’s hard to believe they’re real!

In the past, it would have been nothing less than absolutely bonkers to say something is so beautiful it looks computer generated, but with all the amazing CG art in the world these days, it’s a sentiment we can totally understand. And this photo taken from the top of Roppongi Hills, one of Tokyo’s most impressive towers, is the perfect example of a real image that almost looks like CG art!

A big part of why it’s like “stepping into a CG world” seems to be the gorgeous colors. It reminds us of a perfectly composed painting! Obviously, nature is full of wondrous beauty, but an image like this, taken far outside the daily perspective, delivers a perfect sense of hyperreality. In fact, we can’t help wondering what Jean Baudrillard would have said about these images…

And in case you think this is just a lucky shot, it’s starting to seem like all the photos taken from the observation deck and Sky Deck of Roppongi Hills are this beautiful! The photo was Tweeted by @tokyo_cityview, the official Twitter account for Roppongi Hills’ observation deck and Sky Deck, as well as news about events held at the tower. We imagine it’s hard to get bad photos when your view is 250 meters (820 feet) above sea level and this gorgeous!

But you don’t have to wait around Twitter to see more of this view — you can check it out yourself at Roppongi Hills! And if you want more awesome views of Japan, be sure to check out our article of beautiful videos of Japan shot with drones.

Sources: Twitter/@tokyo_cityview, Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@tokyo_cityview