Twitter user asks for help searching for beloved Yorkshire terrier that went missing during walk in one of downtown Tokyo’s most popular parks.

Usually, when we talk about someone’s pet being precious, we’re talking about the emotional bond they feel with their beloved animal companion. However, one terrier somewhere in Japan is precious in the same way that precious metals are, in that the dog is extremely valuable in an economic sense.

On the morning of December 28, Japanese Twitter user @keu_t8 went to Yoyogi Park in downtown Tokyo, taking their four pet dogs for a walk through the urban oasis of greenery. Unfortunately, while at the park the collar of @keu_t8’s Yorkshire terrier Akubi came undone from the leash, and the dog ran off and out of sight.

@keu_t8 has spent the past week looking for Akubi, but to no avail, and is now asking other Twitter users to join the search.

▼ Photos of Akubi

It’s not just @keu_t8’s gratitude one can earn by finding Akubi, though, but also a sizeable reward. The distraught owner is also offering a reward of five million yen (US$43,480) to anyone who finds the terrier and reunites it with its owner. In addition, @keu_t8 is offering one million yen to anyone who can provide information that will allow the owner to find Akubi.

According to @keu_t8’s description, Akubi is a one-year-old male, slightly large for his breed, at about three kilograms (6.6 pounds), and has shorter hair on his rear left leg than his other limbs, since they had to trim Akubi’s hair there recently after he got poo smeared on it. Though the photos show Akubi wearing a ribbon, @keu_t8 says the animal wasn’t wearing the accessory when it ran off. @keu_t8 also says that Akubi is friendly, and will respond to being called by name or its nickname “A-chan” by coming closer to the person who calls him or tilting his head.

The red mark in the tweet below shows the location where Akubi’s collar came undone, between Yoyogi Park’s Central Field and Hill Plaza. @keu_t8 says that Akubi ran off to the north, and so the dog may currently be lost on the outskirts of the shrine grounds or in the woods and underbrush that separate the park from the shrine.

Source: Twitter/@keu_t8 via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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