Five million yen reward offered to anyone who can find missing dog in Tokyo

Twitter user asks for help searching for beloved Yorkshire terrier that went missing during walk in one of downtown Tokyo’s most popular parks.

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Culprit in guide-dog stabbing still at large, Saitama citizen offers up enormous cash reward

Many readers likely remember the terrible story about the man whose guide dog, Oscar, was stabbed multiple times while the pair was en route to the owner’s work.  Oscar didn’t bark nor react to the stabbing and it was only when a co-worker saw the blood on him that anyone realized what had happened. An investigation was launched and people around the world reacted in anger and severe disappointment that anyone would harm a dog like this.

But while there are people who will hurt animals, there are even more who are kind and loving to them, and one such man from Saitama is offering a big bounty to find this criminal and put him behind bars.

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Chinese Teacher Makes Good on Promise to Class, Wears Maid Outfit to Reward Top Grades

When I was a lad, school operated on a system of strict rules and severe punishments rather than incentives and reward. Every Friday afternoon, the student with the lowest test scores would be plunged into a deep pit filled with spiders, stinging nettles and dog poo as the trapdoor below his chair sprang open; the soft, wet thud his body made as it came into contact with the mounds of muck marking the end of another week at Catholic school.

But not this generation! One young teacher in China has shown that the prospect of reward really can have a motivating effect on students’ performance as she set them an inspired challenge: “Come out on top in the next test and I’ll wear a maid outfit.”

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Domino’s Pizza “Manager of Excellence” Pawns His Domino’s Themed Rolex Reward, Company Appears Shaken

There are many pizza places in the world but very few have achieved the worldwide notoriety of Domino’s Pizza.  So it’s comforting to know that they reward their workers handsomely when outstanding work is done.

In Japan, a manager deemed “excellent” by the corporation gets rewarded a Rolex watch.  Granted the Rolex is engraved with the Domino’s logo in places, but it’s still a Rolex, and it’s worth a pretty penny too according to the pawn shop one was sold to.

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