The water dispensers fall in line with the drinks giant’s global goal for 25 percent reusable packaging by 2030.

These days, the need for recyclable and reusable packaging is becoming more and more apparent. In recent years, Coca-Cola Japan has been making attempts to make their products more eco-friendly, such as removing the plastic labelling from drinks and reducing the amount of electricity needed to run their vending machines.

Their latest campaign comes off the back of an announcement made by the Coca-Cola Company to make 25 percent of its packaging globally to be reusable by 2030. Reusable packaging includes returnable glass bottles, refillable PET bottles or selling products through traditional fountain or Coca-Cola dispensers.

In order to help achieve this goal, Coca Cola Japan have been working on a project called the Bon Aqua Water Bar. The Bon Aqua Water Bar is a self-serve water dispenser that offers users five different kinds of water — cold water, room temperature water, hot water, and carbonated water (strong and weak).

▼ The Water Bar encourages people to use their own containers such as drinks bottles.

Users can fill any bottle with purified water from the machine for 60 yen (US$0.52) a time. For those without a drink bottle on hand, paper cups are available for 70 yen ($0.61) and come in two sizes , medium (240 milliliters [8.1 ounces] or large (430 milliliters).

Specialized 380-millilitre Bon Aqua drinks bottles are also available for 260 yen (which includes the water inside), and are the only usable bottles if you want to get carbonated water from the machine.

The Coca-Cola Company hopes that Bon Aqua Water Bar will make drinking purified water affordable without consumers having to worry about plastic pollution. The Water Bar was piloted in December last year at Universal Studios Japan and is currently being tested at Tiger Corporation in Osaka.

Fingers crossed the project helps Coca Cola move closer to their goal of less plastic pollution. If not though, they can always employ the assistance of a Titan or two to get people recycling.

Source: Shokuhin Shibun, The Coca Cola Company
Featured image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)

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