Hopefully it will help people realize they’re not supposed to throw trash in recycling bins.

If you’ve lived in Japan, you probably know that the country has very strict rules on how its trash is separated. While many other countries just have blanket recycling boxes–and some don’t even care if you put recycling in with the regular trash–in Japan, you have to not only separate your trash into recyclable, burnable, and non-burnable trash, but you have to separate your recycling by glass, plastic, and cans, too.

These trash rules are also maintained outside the home, at businesses, malls, stations and even vending machines. In fact, Japanese vending machines often have recycling bins right next to them for customers’ convenience.

Unfortunately, it seems that too many people are using vending machine recycling bins as general trash cans, especially in Oita City in southwestern Japan. That’s why Coca-Cola teamed up with environmental protection organization Change for the Blue and hit anime Attack on Titan to place a Titan-shaped trash can next to one of their vending machines.

The trash can is designed to look like the Female Titan screaming with its mouth wide open, waiting to receive your garbage. It’ll be placed alongside the recycling bins next to a vending machine near Oita Station, in the hopes that the eye-catching design will help people realize they shouldn’t be throwing their non-recyclable trash in the recycling bins.

The goal is to increase public awareness about recycling. While it’s in place, all of the bins will be analyzed to see if the new can makes a difference in the way trash is disposed of around the vending machine. The results of the analysis will be used to further improve public awareness campaigns about mixing trash, and of course, the ultimate goal is to help preserve the local environment.

The Titan trash can is already out and will be hanging around outside the North Exit of Oita Station, next to the Coca-Cola vending machine in front of the Orix Rent-a-car shop until November 22. If you’re an Attack on Titan Fan, go and enjoy it, but don’t forget to reduce, reuse, and recycle, too!

Source, images: PR Times
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