Katie Pask

Originally from the UK, Katie Pask has been living in Oita prefecture since 2009. Nursery teacher by day and secret pop star by night, Katie spends most of her free time either performing on a stage or belting it out at karaoke. Despite enjoying travelling to new places and trying new things, she is still determined to find the perfect plate of fish and chips in Japan. (if you have any recommendations, hit her up on the links below. She’s willing to travel.)

Posted by Katie Pask

Second round of One Piece inspired wedding dresses now on sale

Look as elegant as Carrot, Hancock… even Big Mom!

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Tokyo’s teamLab most visited museum in the world, officially more popular than Van Gogh

The Tokyo museum beat out big names in the art world to take the record.

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Sega of America taken to court in five million dollar lawsuit, accused of deceiving users

Arcade game Key Master is set so users can’t win until they’ve lost enough times.

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The new Kyoto Animation commercials will have you in tears in just 30 seconds

KyoAni proves they’re still one of the best with these breathtaking beautiful commercials.

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Put a unique twist on your oatmeal by turning it into some Japanese comfort food

Wheat-free Japanese pizza is just a recipe away!

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We try Oita Prefecture’s citrus-y creation in Starbucks Japan’s 47 Jimoto Frappuccinos

Next stop on our Frappuccino tour is down south on the island of Kyushu.

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Mysterious hand figures turn out to be our new favourite Japanese capsule toys

Confusing? Yes. Cool? Very.

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We give raw Pepsi another try, learn an important life lesson along the way【Taste test】

Maybe the real treasure was the raw Pepsi we drank along the way.

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Mr. Sato tries boba tea from store ranked best in Japan, rediscovers his love for tapioca

Looks like the bubble tea bubble hasn’t burst quite yet!

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Tokyo Olympics to allow spectators, provided they “cheer quietly”

Expect a very muted crowd at the Olympics this year.

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7-Eleven Japan’s egg broth and rice may be the dream combination we’ve been missing【SoraKitchen】

Our convenience store-loving chefs are at it again with this egg-xcellent creation! Read More

We try some “raw” dorayaki from Kyoto and are overwhelmed with its thickness

It’d be hard to find a sweet as girthy as this one!

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Japan’s shortest train line may also be its creepiest, looks like something out of a horror film

Need a place to shoot a budget apocalypse movie?

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What event did you hate most in elementary school? Survey asks Japanese adults

Those less sportingly inclined had a hard time.

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An umbrella to keep your backpack dry is just the thing we need this rainy season

No more wet backs and soggy backpacks with this umbrella!

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Japanese Twitter’s latest feline celebrity proves that cats will literally attack anything

Not even time itself is safe when you have a cat in your house.

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We buy a delicious new burger without saying a single word

Bex Burger’s vending-machine-style restaurant may be the norm in years to come!

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Everything you need to know about quarantining in Japan

Take it from someone who actually had to quarantine — the rules are harder to follow than you may think.

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Adorable AND delicious — Miffy Toast is the latest Japanese TikTok trend【SoraKitchen】

Miffy Toast is almost too cute to eat, but we give it a go it anyway!

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