Katie Pask

Originally from the UK, Katie Pask has been living in Oita prefecture since 2009. Nursery teacher by day and secret pop star by night, Katie spends most of her free time either performing on a stage or belting it out at karaoke. Despite enjoying travelling to new places and trying new things, she is still determined to find the perfect plate of fish and chips in Japan. (if you have any recommendations, hit her up on the links below. She’s willing to travel.)

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Boy cries tears of joy after eating McDonald’s for the first time since lockdown began [Video]

Nine-year-old boy gives a new meaning to the term ‘Happy Meal’!

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Gotta stamp them all! Collect your shrine stamps with this gorgeous new range of stationery

Preserve your shrine memories in style with these stamp books!

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Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving your home – We try camping on our balcony

Don’t let the fact that you have to stay home stop you from going camping!
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What do Indian people think of Japanese curry? We investigate with the power of Pikachu

How will this instant curry fare in India, the country with some of the best curry in the world?

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Make your own fishy face mask thanks to a Japanese university

There’ll be no need to fish for compliments with this mask mod!

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Japanese politician gets caught watching a crocodile video during a parliamentary session

The politician made a snap judgement to continue watching the video.

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Anything is paw-sible! Pianist holds virtual concert with a rescue dog accompanying him【Video】

You’d be barking mad not to want to see this talented pup.

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Japanese bath hack: Toss iris leaves in the tub for a traditional shobu yu soak【Photos】

For health, happiness and just having fun!

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Now you can order insect ramen to eat at home

If you’re bored with the regular tonkotsu or miso ramen, why not give this a try?

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We joined a virtual drinking party with 1,000 people, including Japanese idols and comedians

Idols, comedians and a refreshing can of beer – is there anything better?

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We spend five days trapped in a hotel room for our ‘Isolation Experiment’

Spoiler – five days with nothing but cup noodles and whiskey makes us oddly thankful.

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How to make Disney’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana French toast at home【SoraKitchen】

Turn your kitchen into the Magic Kingdom with this recipe!

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50 centimetres (20 inches) of unbridled beefy joy! Eating Tokyo’s extra-lengthy yukhoe sushi

And of course, we got the ‘extra meat’ topping, because the only thing better than meat is MORE meat.

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J-rock star Yoshiki donates 10 million yen to coronavirus relief, asks everyone to stay home

“I’m making my donation with the hope that it can help, even if it’s just a little.” the rock god said.

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Uniqlo’s latest collaboration both confuses and amuses Japanese Twitter

The future is here with this dystopian design.

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Popular tourist spots in Kyoto look like a ghost town due to coronavirus

Everyone staying indoors means no one is going sightseeing. Read More

Which fictional anime school would you like to enroll in? Japanese fans vote in online survey

Did your favourite anime academy make the cut?

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Japanese students start online movement to keep schools closed amid coronavirus fear

The kids are thinking alright.

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Japanese man comes up with ingenious (and slightly creepy) way to take a nap in meetings

Gives the term ‘face mask’ a whole new meaning.

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Quarantined cruise ship finally ready to sail again, leaves a heartwarming message of thanks

The Diamond Princess is ready to set sail again, but not without a parting message for Japan.

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