Government considering ending previous limitations on guests for large events like concerts.

As life with COVID-19 seems to be becoming the new normal, rules and restrictions here in Japan are slowly starting to get relaxed. Much like the recent announcement of the number of visitors allowed to enter the country being increased, the Japanese government is also debating whether to get rid of the restrictions on the number of guests able to attend large-scale events.

Up until now, the limit to the number of guests able to attend large-scale events was capped at 20,000 people. The limitation also came with the provision that there would be infection prevention rules also in place, such as wearing masks and “not talking in a loud voice”.

This proposal from the Japanese government would mean that there will be no limit at all on the number of guests in attendance, but event organisers would still be required to have an infection prevention plan in place.

▼ So you’ll probably still need one of these.

The news was well received by Japanese netizens. In a poll on Yahoo News asking “What do you think of the event rule change?” 63 percent of respondents thought it was a good thing. Some netizens hoped that this rule relaxation meant that more good news was around the corner, although others were still skeptical.

“I hope they relax the rules on cherry blossom viewing parties, too!”
“I’m still not sure I’d want to be crammed into an area in close contact with other people, even if we were told not to make a sound.”
“How on earth would they even get 20,000 people together without anyone talking loudly?” 
“We’re starting to see life go back to normal, finally!” 

The government plans to make a solid decision pending the approval of experts.

Whether or not you’d be able to enjoy a large event like a concert whilst staying quiet is another question, but hey — if the artists themselves can perform without making a single sound, we’re sure you can too!

Source: Kyodo News via Otakomu
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