Escape the urban jungle in this new green oasis. 

One great thing about Japan that often flies under the radar is how well-suited it is for solo diners. With counter tables and individual booths at restaurants, you never have to feel like a lonely diner under the glare of the public spotlight in Japan, and now there’s a place where you can kick back and swing in a hammock on your own too.

Not a lot of people know about this place yet, as it’s only available to guests staying at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo. Previously, this space was filled with dining tables and lounge seating and only available to select guests, but now it’s been transformed into a green retreat that all guests can enjoy.

Located on the top floor of the 34-storey hotel, the newly refurbished lounge is designed to make guests feel as if they’re glamping, with the star attraction being the chance to relax in one of the hammocks lined up inside.

Our Japanese-language reporter Yuko Sawano is always on the hunt for great solo activities in the capital, so she recently booked a night at the hotel to check out the lounge, which is called “Luxe Lounge — The Place — “.

After checking in at the front desk and leaving her bags in her room, Yuko immediately took the elevator up to the top floor. As she stepped through the front door of The Place, she could feel herself instantly relaxing in the green, serene environment.

It’s not just comfy window seating and hammocks that make this place so special — there’s free coffee here too, and surprisingly, it’s from Starbucks, which makes it feel as if you’re relaxing in a unique Starbucks coffeehouse overlooking Tokyo. 

The coffees are served in short sizes, just as they are at Starbucks, and you can choose from all sorts of familiar favourites, like vanilla lattes and caramel lattes.

Guests have unlimited access to as many Starbucks drinks as they like, and after trying a few, Yuko settled on the hazelnut latte as her favourite.

Glamping, Starbucks, and a view across Tokyo — post a photo like this on your socials and everybody will be wanting to know your secret coffee spot.

The only thing better than drinking Starbucks with a view is drinking Starbucks with a view from a hammock, and Yuko felt so blissful here she stayed to watch the sunset, grabbing a hot cocoa after nightfall.

The Luxe Lounge is open from 2-8:00 p.m. on weekdays, with last entry at 7:45 p.m., so Yuko eventually had to pry herself away from her hammock and head outdoors for some solo shabu shabu before returning to her room for the night.

Yuko had a great time on her own at the Keio Hotel, and highly recommends it to anyone who wants to enjoy some quality me-time in the capital.

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