A new way to make the customer feel like God in Japan.

It’s often said that the customer is God in Japan, with their word taken as gospel and every effort made to please them.

One supermarket has taken that ethos to another level, by letting customers play God in their meat section, giving them a pile of discount stickers to stick on any type of meat that takes their fancy.

The stickers sit in three bowls beneath a few signs that read: “Meat Day Sale“, “15 percent off at the register. Stick the 15 percent off sticker on up to four products you like and take it to the register” and “Over four products per person is okay too!

▼ This image of the discount area was shared online by Twitter user @Ux_xUmm_

The photo was taken at a local branch of Japan’s “Gyomu Super” supermarket chain, which is aimed at food service professionals with its large packs and close-to-wholesale prices, although regular shoppers are welcome to shop there too.

Ordinary shoppers love the low prices and interesting finds at the chain, but this stick-it-yourself discount system took things to the next level, with people leaving comments like:

“Wow, I’ve never seen this before!”
“This makes discounts even more fun!”
“This is great for customers, and staff too as they don’t have to waste work time putting all the stickers on everything.”
“I’d go and put a sticker on the Wagyu steak!”
“I’d get great joy out of sticking a discount sticker on something.”

The do-it-yourself concept does give the customer a sense of excitement and satisfaction as they take charge of their discount selections, making it a great marketing idea. Not only does it let the customer feel like God, it encourages them to buy more while also getting them to do the work of staff for free, creating a happy win-win for everyone.

Source: Twitter/@Ux_xUmm_ via Hachima Kikou
Images: Twitter/@Ux_xUmm_
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