Ever Anderson made video to show her love and respect for Japanese culture.

Ever Anderson is the daughter of actress Milla Jovovich and director Paul W. S. Anderson. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Ever herself is now a fledgling actress and model, and so her Instagram account usually consists of photos of the 14-year-old wearing in stylish locations wearing fashionable clothing.

This week, though, there was a major change of pace when Ever posted a video of herself speaking Japanese.

“Nihon no mina-san, konnichiwa!” Ever starts the video off with, giving an enthusiastic greeting to “everyone in Japan” before revealing that she’s been studying Japanese. According to Japanese website Cinema Today, she’s only a few months into her studies, but in the video she displays some very impressive pronunciation and intonation, speaking in clear, grammatically correct Japanese with plenty of emoting and personality.

“As to why I’m studying Japanese, when I go to Japan I want to be able to talk with everyone in Japanese,” she explains, adding “I love Japanese culture and want to show my respect.”

While, by her own admission, she still has a long way to go before reaching her linguistic goals, as far as communicating her affection for and appreciation of Japanese culture, the message has been received loud and clear, with reactions to the video from Japanese Twitter users including:

“She says she’s still studying, but she already speaks so well!”
“Her pronunciation is great…this makes me so happy.”
“She must be studying so hard!”
“She’s even using her adjectives correctly.”
“She’s doing a good job with her speaking rhythm.”
“Even most Japanese 14-year-olds can’t speak so clearly.”
“Thank you for loving Japan.”

As Ever points out, her parents have travelled to Japan multiple times, as not only are they Hollywood luminaries, many of the projects the spouses have collaborated on based on Japanese source material, with Jovovich starring in six Resident Evil movies as well as 2020’s Monster Hunter, all directed or produced by her husband and adaptations of franchises created by Osaka-based video game publisher Capcom. Ever herself came to Japan in 2016 to promote Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, in which she was cast as a younger version of the character played by her mother, but is unabashedly eager to come back, asking the people of Japan for suggestions on what to see and do the next time she has an opportunity to visit the country.

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Should you happen to be an aspiring linguist who’s also studying Japanese and perhaps despairing about the slower progress you’re making with the language, don’t be discouraged. As a trained actress, Ever is in an advantageous position in terms of her ability to replicate pronunciation, intonation, and other aspects of diction. So even if you don’t feel like you’d be able to put together such a smooth-sounding video, regardless of how many takes you did, just yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re making slower progress than you should or that you won’t reach your Japanese goals in time.

And besides, regardless of the results, Japan is always happy to see people from overseas take an active, participatory interest in Japanese culture.

Source: Instagram/everanderson via Cinema Today, Twitter
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