There’s more to the Ring star than just climbing out of TVs and wells and scaring the bejeezus out of people!

Sadako fans, rejoice! Your favorite horror movie star now has her own YouTube channel, and if you want to learn more about the daily life of a terrifying well-dwelling spirit, you’ll want to subscribe!

Sadako’s YouTube channel is called “Sadako no Ido Kurashi”, which means “Sadako’s Well Life”, and saw its first video uploaded on March 5, which also happened to be Sadako Day (a pun based on the pronunciation of “three” and “five” in Japanese). Titled “I’m Sadako! I’m starting out on YouTube. Please watch 【Room Tour】”, with lots of emojis tossed into the title too, it describes what we can expect from Sadako’s new YouTube channel.

True to her nature, Sadako doesn’t speak in the videos, communicating only with gestures and subtitles. She first introduces herself trundling down a residential street with a background of surprisingly cheery music, and tells us that she wants to show everyone “the private life of herself as *an actress*”. She then says she’s going to give us a tour of her home. When next we see her, she’s crawling out of a TV to get into her room.

Her room is a spacious Japanese-style room with about eight tatami’s worth of space. Inside is a television and, shockingly, a well. Sadako explains that the well is where she sleeps, while the nice veranda outside is where she reads her scripts.

▼ Climbing in with a “Yoisho”, the sound of exertion

After officially announcing the name of her channel, Sadako shares the kinds of things she’ll be doing in her videos, like playing video games, cooking, and singing popular songs (?). She also asked for ideas on what kinds of things her viewers want, so if you have ideas, be sure to comment!

▼ “Tatami rooms are so relaxing, don’t you think?”

Sadako’s goal was to get 10,000 subscribers, but the strangely endearing combination of cute and creepy in her debut video has already amassed her 31,300 subscribers! Comments on her first video were all full of excitement and good ideas:

“I never thought there’d be a day when I crushed on Sadako.”
“I’m so happy I get a glimpse of Sadako’s everyday life!”
“Sadako-chan finally came to YouTube…I’m so happy”
“Sadako-chan, you’re so stinking cute!”
“If you’re gonna play video games, you have to play as Sadako in Dead by Daylight. Also maybe you and Kayoko could play games and cook together? lol”
“I wanna know about your thoughts and feelings, so I’d love to see videos reacting to viewer questions and advice!”
“I’m looking forward to seeing Sadako’s morning routine and a ranking of the easiest TVs to climb in and out of!”

In the video, she says that once she makes it to 10,000 subscribers, she wants to collaborate with popular YouTuber Hikakin. She’s clearly surpassed that goal…so perhaps we’ll see a collaboration soon!

▼ “I’d like to collaborate with Hikakin~ *shameless*”

Sadako has already uploaded a few videos of appearances she made in the public called “Sadako’s memories”, as well as a “Sadako answers 100 questions” video. Hopefully more Sadako no Ido Kurashi videos are on the way!

Source: YouTube/貞子の井戸暮らし via Netlab
Images: YouTube/貞子の井戸暮らし

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