Adorable versions of two of the ultra-difficult game’s characters want to grace your home.

Elden Ring is a hard game. The very first enemy you encounter will, undoubtedly and unceremoniously, kill you, and so will the second enemy you see, unless you’re wise enough to hide from or avoid it. It’s also set in a hard-hearted world, where even accepting a hug results in penalties to your character’s stats.

And yet, despite being a game for which “hard” is the perfect descriptor, Elden Ring’s characters can be quite adorable when you add some chubby softness to their designs.

Two characters are getting the SD treatment, starting with Melina, the mysterious woman who appears before the player and offers them an accord to free them from their quickly ridiculed “maidenless” status. Crafted by figure maker Tamashii Nations, a sub-group of Bandai Spirits, Melina has exchangeable arm pieces, and her cloak can also be removed.

Like its Dark Souls predecessors, Elden Ring lets you design your player avatar however you want, and each piece of armor you acquire along the way changes your appearance as well. As such, there’s no official way that the main character is supposed to look. The games do usually have a certain set of armor that features prominently in their official artwork and preview videos, and in the case of Elden Ring that role is filled by the Raging Wolf armor.

Tamashii Nations simply calls this figure the Raging Wolf, leaving it up to you to decide if it’s the NPC Vargram or your custom-created hero underneath the armor. As with Melina, you get exchangeable arm parts (one holding a sword and one barehanded) plus some shoulder and neck posing articulation.

▼ Oh, and don’t worry, they still fit just fine with the dramatic Elden Ring main theme music.

Both figures stand nine centimeters (3.5 inches) tall and are priced at 2,970 yen (US$24). Preorders can be placed here through the Tamashii Nations website, and the figures ship/go on sale in retail stores in October, so you’ve still got some time to rearrange your super-deformed Dark Souls figures and make room for the new arrivals.

Source: PR Times via Jin
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Tamashii Nations (1, 2)
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