Characters from three Hayao Miyazaki films are waiting in this wooded area.

If you’re a Ghibli fan, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve got a figure of one of the studio’s charming anime characters sitting on a desk or shelf in your home. Maybe you’ve even got a plushie that’s big enough to hang out in your couch.

But Saitama Prefecture resident and Japanese Twitter user @S62392194 is an especially big Ghibli fan, and so larger-scale symbols of artistic appreciation were called for. So he’s been gradually building a series of Ghibli statues on the side of the road next to his home.

Obviously, Totoro and the Catbus are absolute musts when you’re putting together a meet-up of Ghibli characters, and they’ve been joined by a rather convincing No-Face, of Spirited Away fame, that @S62392194 crafted as well.

Unexpected encounters with the beloved Hayao Miyazaki anime cast members have made this section of the roadside a bit of a local landmark, as shown in this photo of preschool children and their teachers stopping by while out on their afternoon walk.

The studio’s complete works consist of much more than two anime, though, and recently @S62392194 decided to craft a character from a third Ghibli anime, starting with a cardboard body frame.

Can you guess who it is? Maybe this design sketch will help.

That’s right, it’s…

Turnip Head, the transformed prince from Howl’s Moving Castle!

Not only has @S62392194 done a great job bringing Turnip Head into our world, he was able to do so in an incredibly affordable way, purchasing almost all of the necessary materials at 100 yen shop Daiso.

Turnip Head’s head, shirt, vest, and tie are all made out of differently colored towels. His tuxedo jacket, pants, and the center portion of his hat are the rubber underside of artificial grass mats, and the hat’s brim is a polypropylene plastic sheet

The production process seems to have taken a little over a week, which is tremendously speedy for something that looks this good.

We can’t help but notice that there still seems to be space for another Ghibli character or two in this path of grass, so maybe we’ll see more in the future, but @S62392194 has already put together a very cool welcoming committee for his neighborhood.

Source: Twitter/@S62392194
Top image: Twitter/@S62392194
Insert images: Twitter/@S62392194
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