The legendary anime director’s sketchbook serves as the inspiration for a new exhibit on how the museum was created.

There are three extra-compelling reasons to visit the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. One is the chance to watch short Ghibli anime that you can’t see anywhere else, like the Totoro sequel that even a lot of fans don’t know exists. Another is to stock up on amazing merch in the museum’s on-site shop.

The third reason to visit the museum, though, is the building itself. Every inch of the facility is an expression of the highly polished aesthetic sense that permeates Ghibli’s films, and if you’ve ever enjoyed any of the studio’s anime, you’ll definitely enjoy simply being at the museum.

Of course, making the Ghibli Museum as wondrous as it is was no simple task, and a new exhibit, titled Tegaki, Hirameki, Omoitsuki (“Hand-drawing, Inspiration, Ideas”) will give visitors a look at the design process that led to the Ghibli Museum as it is today. For the first time, a collection of concept illustrations and brain-storming sketches that were part of the museum’s pre-opening planning stages will be on display, and they come from the notebook at the top of the Ghibli hierarchy, director Hayao Miyazaki himself, who was instrumental in realizing the museum’s goal of “offering an interesting, fun experience.”

▼ Promotional image for Tegaki, Hirameki, Omoitsuki, including Miyazaki’s customary self-portrayal as a pig wearing an artist’s apron

The exhibit will also feature displays related to Miyazaki’s creative process for the museum-exclusive Ghibli short anime. Tegaki, Hirameki, Omoitsuki opens on November 16 and is scheduled to run until May of 2021. As always, tickets for the Ghibli Museum are available only through prior reservation via the Lawson ticketing service.

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Source: Ghibli Museum via Fashion Press
Images: Ghibli Museum
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