Champion dealt a sucker punch by crime.

They say that you should be cautious about posting where you go and at what times on social media, because it can give burglars an idea of the prime times to pick your home clean. While that’s sound advice for most of us, it’s easier said than done when you’re, say, one of the most celebrated Japanese boxers in the history of the sport.

Naoya Inoue frequently appears on top-ten lists of the best active boxers in the world by critics and associations alike, in no small part due to his raw power that results in most of his wins being by knockout.

On June 7, the 29-year-old squared off against Nonito Donaire for the World Boxing Council Championship. Having already claimed bantamweight titles in the World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation, winning this match would make Inoue the first Japanese boxer to be a unified champion in three of the world’s four major sanctioning bodies.

The highly anticipated and highly promoted match was streamed live on Amazon Prime Video in Japan and ESPN elsewhere, and saw Inoue dominate Donaire into the second round when his signature show of rapid fire strength rendered the Filipino WBC champ unable to continue, awarding Inoue the history-making win by technical knockout.

▼ Inoue is nicknamed “The Monster” for his ferocity

However, while Inoue was preparing for the match, two men reportedly gained entry to the champion’s house through the front door at about 4:30 in the afternoon and proceeded to steal millions of yen in goods such as precious metals and luxury bags. The burglary set off Inoue’s house alarm, causing police to go and investigate, but by the time they arrived the two men had already fled the scene in a white car, according to eyewitnesses.

Details about the incident, such as whether Inoue knew about the burglary before or after the match, aren’t clear but it stands to reason that the thieves were well aware that the boxer would be away from his home and preoccupied at the time. Inoue later tweeted his displeasure of feeling the highest of highs and lowest of lows in the same day.

”I saw the news, but yeah. It’s disgustingly bad news on a happy day, isn’t it… Everyone take care!!”

Comments of sympathy for the champ poured in online as well, with everyone unanimously condemning the act as the ultimate in despicable behavior and cowardliness.

“I hear this happens a lot to soccer players in Europe too.”
“I guess you need to keep your guard up outside the ring too.”
“I’m glad he and his family are safe. The guy’s a national treasure.”
“If they hit the house at 4:30, I wonder if they watched the match afterward.”
“As a fan of Inoue, doing that on such a day is the absolute lowest thing someone could do.”
“Home security companies aren’t looking too hot right now.”
“That’s disgusting. I hope the judge punishes them as hard as Inoue does his opponents.”

Inoue himself doesn’t appear to be dwelling on the misfortune, however, and judging by his frequent tweets he seems to have his sights firmly set on winning the WBO and becoming the undisputed bantamweight champion of the world if given the chance.

▼ He’s also recently come out with a strong contender for the coolest roach spray commercial ever made

So like the winner he is, Inoue has his eyes focused on the prize and isn’t one to let problems hold him back. Hopefully next time he has a big match, he’ll lend his house out to a few dozen of his colleagues to watch it. Then if anyone decides to break in, they’ll get a flurry of warm welcomes.

Source: TBS News Dig, AFP BB News, My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/Earth Corporation
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