You too can experience all the joy and wonder of getting punched in the face by a champion, and maybe even get a lot of money.

Koki Kameda is a professional boxer from Osaka known for his brash attitude and impressive 38 and 2 record from 2003 to 2015. Perhaps we should call him by his proper title: Former WBA World Flyweight Champion, WBC World Flyweight Champion, and WBA World Bantamweight Champion Koki “The Fighting Fist of Naniwa” Kameda.

However, his achievements have been marred by controversy with critics claiming that he padded his record with easy opponents and some detractors even going as far as saying that matches had been fixed.

But now Kameda is giving those naysayers a chance to prove themselves right, by putting their unconcussed heads where their mouths are. For one night only, Kameda will be taking on all comers for a five-hour event titled, “10 Million Yen If You Beat Koki Kameda.” The event will be held on 7 May to celebrate the one year anniversary of live streaming service AbemaTV on which it will be shown.

As the title points out, anyone who manages to defeat Kameda in a bout of three three-minute rounds will walk away with a cool 10 million yen (US$90,000). The contest is open to anyone from any walk of life, be they “yankee, otaku, host, foreigner, or whatever.”

The only condition is that you have to be a healthy male under 175 centimeters (5 feet 9 inches) tall and 70 kilograms (154 pounds) in weight. If you fit that description and think you have what it takes then send an email with your name, age, address, job, height, weight, reason for entering, and why you would be a good contender along with an attached photo to:

▼ Watch Koki Kameda defend his Bantamweight title against John Mark Apolinario, and see if you can do better

The Fighting Fist of Naniwa is fired up for the event and clearly aiming this challenge at all his critics over the years saying; “Those who think it was easy for me to become world champion, here is your chance to take 10 million yen from me.”

Personally, I don’t have any opinions either way about Kameda’s past, but 10 million yen sure would feel nice in my bank account. Of course I wouldn’t last 30 seconds, but there is a chance that he’ll suddenly come down with a case of super-violent diarrhea during those thirty seconds and have to forfeit the match. It’s a slim chance but still better odds than the lottery.

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