Breathtaking night sky shows the beauty of this landlocked prefecture.

It’s pretty easy for travelers to forget about Gifu. It’s one of Japan’s few landlocked prefectures, and many tourists end up drawn to the attractions of Gifu’s neighbors instead, such Nagano’s ski slopes, Mie’s Ise Shrine, Shiga’s Lake Biwa, or the big-city sights of Nagoya in Aichi.

That doesn’t mean people should forget about Gifu, though, and with a dramatic reminder of that is Japanese photographer and Twitter user @ta2funk, with one of the coolest Japanese castle photos we’ve ever seen.

That’s Gifu Castle, which stands in Gifu City, and as you can probably guess from the photo’s quality, this wasn’t the first time @ta2funk turned his lens towards the night sky. “Over seven years, I’ve taken about 400 full-moon photos,” he says, “and out of all of them, this one is the best.”

@ta2funk says several people have asked him if the photo, which he took back in August of 2018 but recently shared on Twitter, is a multi-image composite. He says it’s all single photo, though, even while he admits that he himself can barely believe how fortunate the picture’s timing and focus were.

▼ @ta2funk shows the photo’s original data and lighting correction.

@ta2funk’s self-assessment that this is the best full-moon photo he’s ever taken doesn’t appear to be a case of overconfidence if reactions from other Twitter users are anything to go by.

“That moon’s presence is overwhelming.”
“It looks like the opening shot for a Hollywood-made ninja movie.”
“I thought this was a video game cutscene!”
“Feels like Sekiro’s Genichiro is going to pop out…”
“What a mysterious and lovely moon.”
“I’ve got no words that can describe this.”

None of this is to say that the runners-up in @ta2funk’s personal best lunar pics rankings are any slouches, though.

But while a trip to the moon is a bit outside most of our travel options, @ta2funk does entourage everyone to come visit Gifu, with this collection of photos showing other parts of the prefecture as well.

And if you’re staying overnight, staying somewhere in Gifu City with a view of the castle sounds like a great idea.

Source: Twitter/@ta2funk via IT Media, Maido News
Images: Twitter/@ta2funk
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