Naked man arrested for public nudity denies charges: “I was training.”

Is he a drunken master or just drunk again?

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Starbucks’ cool new Japan Geography tumblers will take you on a trip around the country

Local sites and foods of five prefectures proudly displayed on mugs, bottles.

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Convenience store in Gifu stays open for business for two months without any staff or merchandise

The curious case of the Kakamigahara Lawson has caused the company to take a second look at how they operate.

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Cat cafe train in Japan makes its inaugural run with rescue cats on board【Photos】

Fans of trains and felines enjoyed a trip with rescue cats recently, all for a good cause.

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Real-life location of Your Name’s anime-only lake discovered, still holds a beautiful surprise

Itomori may not be an actual city, but here’s where the hometown of Your Name’s female lead would be in real-life Japan.

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Beautiful anime bus will take travelers to Your Name’s countryside setting starting this month

If you’re an anime fan planning to make a pilgrimage to the real-life inspiration for Your Name’s location, your bus has arrived.

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Hit anime Your Name inspires new sake, blessed by priests in the shrine that appears in the movie

After making a splash at the box office, Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime leads to something you can pour into a sake cup.

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Japanese city offering authentic handcrafted swords in exchange for “tax” payments

The best part is you don’t even have to live there to pay the tax!

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Swarms of insects cause chaos on bridge in Japan

Incredible photos show an extraordinary number of insects wreaked havoc on drivers, closing a bridge and causing accidents on the weekend.

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Japanese marathoners attacked by swarm of hornets, 115 stung

As if a marathons weren’t grueling enough…here come the hornets!

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The real-world library inspiration for anime film “Your Name.” offers a message to eager fans

The public library in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture is thrilled by the influx of visitors lately, but the staff have posted a few rules to follow.

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Japan’s centuries-old Mino ware pottery tradition embraces anime stars from Naruto and Gintama

The stunning new plate series brings iconic imagery from the modern-day world of manga and anime to a revered traditional art.

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Bumper crop of anime boobs toned down in rural community’s local tourism poster

Tourism association makes change in response to complaints that original poster was inappropriate.

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Gifu police chase shoplifter with 20 patrol cars and helicopter, fail to catch him

He must have really wanted that make-up…

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Japanese university to welcome adult film star as special guest at their student festival

School festivals are kind of a big deal in Japan, with students from kindergarten through to university participating in their own school’s festival each year, usually involving games, food cooked by the kids on-site, and the occasional jaw-dropping class project like this full-size teacup ride. University festivals will, in addition, have special performances, and may also feature local or well-known musicians, comedians, and more.

But one university in Gifu Prefecture is spicing up their upcoming festival this month by bringing in none other than Mana Sakuraa Japanese adult film star—for a special talk show, with opportunities for a photo shoot and even a “Kiss-Abstaining Championship”! With cooler weather setting in, there’s nothing like the star of naughty videos to heat things up at a school festival…right?

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Gifu Prefecture’s “Monet’s Pond” is the perfect picturesque place to paint a picture【Photos】

When planning a vacation to Japan, it’s certainly exhilarating to visit big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe, but sometimes there are special locations that aren’t in all the guide books which have just as much, if not more, beauty and appeal. Japan is a gorgeous country with breathtaking nature that can be seen just by taking off in any direction. Perhaps one of those directions will lead you to a beautiful pond like the one in Gifu Prefecture that has been nicknamed “Monet’s Pond“.

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Smashing cakes and eating hair: City in Gifu Prefecture releases bizarre PR video【Video】

Following in the footsteps of Kobayashi City in Miyazaki Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture’s Seki City has recently released its own quirky PR video. This ad, however, focuses on the city’s contribution to daily life with an important product that the city is famous for rather than emphasizing any local accent. Judging by the bizarre scene in the photo above, can you guess what Seki City is famous for producing? Here’s a hint: This video is shear madness!

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Eel-flavored catfish available for tasting at Gifu festival

Eating catfish is looked down upon by many people in Japan who regularly enjoy a plethora of ocean-raised fish. Even though the Japanese diet is no stranger to aggressively aromatic food such as natto, diners here simply cannot get past the stink of these bottom feeders.

Eel on the other hand is a much-loved freshwater fish that is a summer hit across Japan served on top of rice with a sweet sauce. But with this popularity comes a threat of overfishing and depletion of the species. Faced with this problem, Associate Professor Masahiko Ariji of Kinki University has found a way to raise catfish which taste like eel.

Since its announcement earlier this year, there has been a lot of curiosity over this flavor-modified fish. Now, attendees to the Catfish Festival in Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture will get to try a very limited supply before it gets released for public consumption.

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Is one Japanese library’s “book dominoes” event disrespectful to books or just a day of fun?

In Gifu City there is a library. This library has recently been renovated, designed by a famous architect and envisioned to be more than just a space to read and borrow books, but also a meeting place, an event venue, and an area that all members of the community can enjoy. Sounds nice, right?

In hopes of promoting this new library, the city has planned a book dominoes event with which they want to set a new world record for the longest chain of books to be toppled. As fun as it sounds, the city is receiving some heavy criticism over the event and for their alleged general disrespect of books.

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Float like Kiki, sting like a bee: Adorable photos from the Mino City Witch Contest

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour London, or as everyone I know stubbornly insists on calling it, “Harry Potter Land”, has one attraction that pulls in even the most cynical visitor. Apart from the butterbeer tent, the place with the longest queue in the studios is the green screen zone, where you can don quidditch robes and take a broomstick ride around Hogwarts and beyond. As I discovered when I visited there last month, after pratting around on a broom for five minutes you are led into the shop selling commemorative DVDs (or USB sticks, or whatever) of your flight. Thankfully, I resisted the urge to part with any more of my hard-earned pounds, and the footage of me waving to legions of adoring quidditch fans will (hopefully) be lost forever.

You might be forgiven, in a world of technological wizardry, for thinking that these shots of broomstick-riding witches had been made in a similar way – with a green screen or even some snazzy Photoshopping. But no. In the photos, taken at a local event in Gifu, Japan, last month, there aren’t even any wires being used! Just happy jumping witches and some clever camera angles.

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