That works out to 17-plus pints per night.

It’s always nice when you check into a hotel and discover that the amenities include some sort of complimentary beverage waiting for you in your room. Whether it’s packets of instant coffee, green tea bags, or even just some bottled water, those thirst-quenching freebies are always appreciated.

But there’s a hotel in Japan that takes this concept to a whole other, and possibly the highest possible, level, by putting a beer tap in each room and giving you a huge quantity of free beer to drink.

Located in Shizuoka City, The Villa & Barrel Lounge just opened up this summer. The company behind it, though, West Coast Brewing, had already established itself as one of Japan’s most popular craft brewing operations, and the hotel is located right across the street from the brewery. So with such a short distribution line, each of the hotel’s five rooms is equipped with its own beer tap and a supply of 10 liters (338 ounces) of West Coat Brewing’s beer per night, free, for guests to enjoy. What’s more, it’s a specially made brew exclusive to the hotel room taps, and not available anywhere else.

▼ This room’s tap, for example, can be seen in the alcove on the left side of the photo.

10 liters works out to more than 17 pints, or more than 28 cans of beer, which might be more than you and your traveling companions can consumer during the course of a night, Not to worry. Any leftover beer in your allotment is yours to take home with you provided you have a growler (essentially a bottle for storing carbonated beverages, such as beer).

Should you somehow need even more beer during your stay, or perhaps just find yourself craving a change of scenery or the chance to mingle with locals, the first floor of the building, called the Barrel Lounge, is a West Coast Brewing taproom.

Reservations for the hotel can be made here. And if you’re looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to nurse on the second day of your Shizuoka trip, this unique local cola should do the trick.

Hotel information
The Villa & Barrel Lounge
Address: Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka-shi, Suruga-ku, Mochimune 2-26-1

Source, images: PR Times
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