Lupin’s latest anime caper takes place at the golden arches.

McDonald’s has been teaming up with a number of big names in the anime industry this year, giving us Char burgers and Doraemon McShakes for a limited time. Now, it’s time for Lupin III to make an appearance at the golden arches, in a new commercial that’s all about using the drive-thru.

The tie-up makes a lot of sense, given that Lupin, the titular star of the manga-turned-anime series, spends a lot of time on the road in his yellow Fiat 500. This iconic vehicle appears in the new McDonald’s commercial, along with Lupin’s partners in crime, Jigen and Goemon, who are in the car with him as they go through the drive-thru, using a new mobile ordering system.

▼ Take a look at the commercial, entitled “Saraba Nagaki Order” (“Farewell, Long Order“), below.

In the ad, Lupin can be seen reeling off his order to staff at the drive-thru speaker, asking for a Big Mac set with a Coke and fries, before surmising that Goemon’s order would be a Samurai Mac — of course — and then freaking out when he realises he can’t remember what Fujiko wanted.

▼ That’s when Goemon steps in to save the day, by simply saying “DT3“.

Staff reply with “Oh, that’s a mobile order isn’t it?” as Goemon explains to the others that with mobile ordering you can zip through the drive-thru with just one statement — your order number.

▼ Goemon has mastered modern technology.

Impressed by the ease of it all, Lupin receives the order and drives them out of the McDonald’s, presumably off to start another adventure.

▼ Looks like Jigen has stolen Lupin’s fries.

Let’s just hope they remembered Fujiko’s order, or they’ll be zipping through that drive-thru again. What would Fujiko order anyway? At this time of year, it’s probably a tsukimi moon-viewing burger.

Source\: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s) via McDonald’s Japan, Otakomu
Featured image: McDonald’s Japan

Insert images: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)
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