Some pre-marital fraternal violence can reveal your chances of spousal happiness.

Intimacy is something that builds gradually in a romantic relationship. It requires time and trust, and as a result there are certain things which, deeply enjoyable as they may be, a couple may not feel ready to do together in the early stages of their relationship. In some cases, there’s something that couples might not do even once before they’re married.

That sort of timid, conservative approach, though, carries with it the risk of not discovering that you and your partner are deeply incompatible in a very important way until after you’ve tied the knot, which can make married life unhappy for both of you. So really, the two of you are better off testing your compatibility before you decide to get married.

So that’s why Japanese Twitter user @lyu_0509 recommends that before you decide to get married, you and your romantic partner need to test things out. Sure, it might be a little scary, but for the sake of your mutual happiness, you need to go into the bedroom, or the living room, or wherever you have a Nintendo Switch set up, and play some Smash Bros.

The logic behind this advice?

“I’ve heard people say ‘Before you marry your boyfriend, you should try spilling coffee in his car’ [to see if his first reaction is to worry about you or the car’s interior].

But I think the more realistic plan is ‘Before you marry your boyfriend, you should play Apex Legends, Smash Bros., or that squid game [Splatoon] together.’ Some sort of competitive game. If he’s the type of guy who gets angry and starts freaking out during the game, or if he starts blaming his teammates and using abusive language, then he’s the kind of guy you’re better off not marrying.”

In other words, @lyu_0509 isn’t necessarily recommending pre-marital gaming as a way to gauge if your interests match up, or attempting to draw some sort of correlation between your team’s in-game successes and the strength of your relationship. Instead, the idea is to see how someone reacts when things don’t go as they wanted them to, and whether or not getting the result they want causes them to lash out at others or otherwise spoil the mood of what’s supposed to a fun time.

The 50,000-plus likes @lyu_0509’s advice has earned show a lot of people agree with the concept, as do reactions like:

“It really is a good test of character.”
“Very reliable way to see what kind of person someone is.”
“My ex-boyfriend used to always get in a bad mood and badmouth his teammates when he played games.”
“I’d add Momotaro Dentetsu and Bomberman to the list.”
“This is great advice. If I can, though, I’d add that it doesn’t matter if it’s a guy or a girl who’s using abusive language while playing games. If you’re a guy and your girlfriend does that, you’ll be happier not marrying her either.”

Games are, after all, supposed to be fun. Unless the person you’re dating is an e-sports pro whose livelihood is going to be directly affected by an untimely loss, when your romantic partner is gaming, you’re seeing them in their leisure time, and if they’re not pleasant to be around then, it doesn’t speak well for how they’ll react when life throws the two of you a problem bigger than one that can be solved just by pressing the continue/rematch button.

Source: Twitter/@lyu_0509 (1, 2) via Otakomu
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