Mysterious singing sensation addresses fans in English in special video message.

Though Japan recently changed its age of legal adulthood from 20 to 18, turning 20 still carries a lot of significance in Japan. So Monday, which was the 20th birthday of Japanese vocalist Ado, was a big day for the singing sensation behind the phenomenal hit “Usseewa.” It turned out to be a big day for her fans as well, though, as Ado marked the occasion by announcing that she’s entered into a partnership with southern California-based Geffen Records to bring her music not just to the U.S., but other countries in the wide world outside Japan as well.

Ado, who has kept her appearance hidden while rising to music stardom, announced the partnership in Japanese through her Twitter account on her birthday. It was the next day in Japan when she spread the news in English, with the added crowd-pleasing move of posting an audio recording of her addressing her fans in English.

“I’m so honored and excited to be welcomed to the amazing musical legacy of the Geffen Records family. I’m really looking forward to going to the US and many other countries. Much love and thanks to all my fans!”

Ado also posted an extended birthday message, with English subtitles, to her YouTube channel, in which she says “I have formed a partnership with Geffen Records in the U.S. Together with the world-renowned team, we will bring J-pop and Vocaloid [sic] to the world.”

While no specifics of the partnership have been announced yet, Ado provided the vocals for Uta, the key-character newcomer in One Piece Film: Red. It wouldn’t be a shock to see something special planned to coincide with the anime movie’s North American debut in November, especially after the Straw Hat Pirates were able to take over New York’s Times Square earlier this month.

Source: Twitter/@ado1024imokenp via Jin
Top image: Twitter/@ado1024imokenp
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