The time is right to get your spooky Poké-fix inside of Osaka’s popular theme park.

Feeling a bit blue after the conclusion of the Pokémon World Championships in Yokohama this month? Never fear, because another Poké-party is almost ready to begin just a bit to the southwest in Osaka.

Universal Studios Japan always tries to outdo itself with its programming, and its Halloween bash this year is no exception. From September 7 through November 5, the park will hold its daytime “HaHaHa! Halloween Party.” This celebration will feature a large lineup of individual events including the “Pokémon Jumpin’ Halloween Party” (held September 11 through November 5), which will be Japan’s first-ever DJ Pokémon Show with DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar, the “Pokémon Charge-Up! Halloween Greeting” (also September 11 through November 5), and “My Melody & Kuromi: Happy Halloween Greeting” events, among others.

In addition, beginning on September 4, the park’s Studio Stars Restaurant will host a Pokémon-themed menu for the first time. The interior of the restaurant itself will also be decorated with all kinds of Pokémon goods, especially of Ghost-types, in the spirit of Halloween.

▼ Studio Stars Restaurant’s Pokémon-themed menu

The menu lineup consists of the following dishes (top left to right, clockwise):

● DJ Pikachu AgeAge: Halloween Party Plate Set
● Misdreavous’ Prank!? Grape Jelly and Soda
● Copycat! Mimikyu’s Milk Mousse and Crepe
● DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar: Jumpin’ Halloween Party Kids Set
● Banette’s Jumpin’ Chocolate Cake
● DJ Gengar YonaYona: Halloween Party Plate Set

Prices have not yet been released.

Meanwhile, USJ’s nighttime “Halloween Horror Nights” celebration will kick off on September 8 and last through November 5. This attraction will feature events such as “Street Zombies,” which will host the largest number of zombies in the history of the park, the “Zombie de Dance” dance party with a tie-in to Japanese singer Ado (known for providing the theme song for One Piece Film: Red (2022), and “Biohazard [Resident Evil]: The Extreme”–a survival horror maze.

Special collaborative goods for the various attractions will go on sale on August 25. In addition to the Pokémon-themed menu above, My Melody and Kuromi-stylized headbands and churritos will also be sold (strawberry milk flavor for My Melody and salted caramel flavor for Kuromi).

On the zombie front, Biohazard tie-ins include a Mr. Raccoon churrito (cocoa and orange flavor) that will be available for purchase.

USJ definitely knows how to throw a party, so get on over there while the season is spooky. It’s a good time of the year to visit some other places that also tend to do Halloween tie-in menus as well.

Source, images: PR Times
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