Fans will get to feel the force of Tanjiro’s Water Breathing and other magical forces from the smash-hit anime.

Universal Studios Japan has been doing a tremendous job team-building with entertainment franchises from outside the Universal Pictures group. A few months ago we saw the opening of the Osaka amusement park’s long-awaited Super Nintendo World expansion, and now USJ is keeping its foot on the accelerator by announcing a team-up with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the hottest anime franchise in Japan.

An upcoming USJ attraction will recreate the world of Demon Slayer as guests see a fierce battle unfold before their eyes, the designers promise. The highlights will include the chance to experience first-hand the power of the anime cast’s magical sword fighting Breathing Styles, starting with protagonist Tanjiro’s Water Breathing and moving on to the other techniques of his Demon Slayor cohorts.

USJ hasn’t yet said what the attraction’s specific format will be, but the announcement boasting that guests will “experience the breathing techniques with their whole bodies” sounds like it could be referring to some sort of 4-D theater or VR attraction, where elemental effects such as sprays of water, gusts of wind, and blasts of heat could synch up with visuals of the various Breathing Styles being brought to the battle. And as always in Japan, there’ll also be a special line of limited-edition Demon Slayer/USJ merchandise, plus an assortment of themed foods (which may or may not include the return of the suggestive-sounding Tanjiro’s Bukkake Udon).

The USJ Demon Slayer attraction is scheduled to open on September 17 and run through February 13 of next year.

Sources: Universal Studios Japan, PR Times
Top image: PR Times
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