A beer with two sides to its flavor for the anime archetype with two sides to her personality.

As fans of anime and manga know, a tsundere is a character with a hot-and-cold personality. Ordinarily irritable and standoffish, but with an undeniable sweetness once her icy outward attitude melts away, tsundere are often prideful young ladies…but now tsundere is also a beer.

Tsundere Hazy IPA is the latest offering from Wakayama Prefecture-based craft brewer Nomcraft Brewing. Created as part of beer selection service Otomoni’s Japan Beer Odyssey series, Tsundere Hazy IPA is a salute to otaku culture with its release timed for as anime enthusiasts are getting ready for this year’s winter Comiket convention.

The beer’s name and label aren’t just a ploy to catch the eye of otaku, either. Just like its character archetype namesake, there are two distinctly contrasting elements to Tsundere Hazy IPA’s flavor, as the taste changes depending on whether it’s warmed up at all. Crack open a thoroughly chilled bottle, and Tsundere Hazy IPA greets you with a sharp tropical aroma and a crisp taste without any noticeable sweetness, Otomoni says. As the beer gets warmer, though, and the drinkable tsundere starts to show a sweet fruit aspect to its scent and gentle hibiscus notes in its flavor profile.

Tsundere Hazy IPA is available exclusively through Otomoni, with one bottle coming in their six or twelve-bottle variety bundles, respectively priced at 4,378 yen (US$31.50) and 8,426 yen and which can be ordered online here. Unfortunately, Domino’s Pizza Japan no longer offers its tsundere pizza, so you’ll have to bake your own for the perfect pairing.

Source: PR Times via IT Media
Top image: PR Times
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