Gives odd explanation for dangerous behavior.

At pretty much any time of day or night, you’ll see a lot of people walking around Shibuya. It’s one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping, dining, and nightlife districts, after all. Shibuya is also one of the city’s prime fashion centers, with plenty of bold wardrobe choices on display.

So, ordinarily, a woman strutting confidently in a pair of skimpy shorts and knee-high boots wouldn’t be all that noteworthy a Shibuya sight. One woman seen on Wednesday afternoon was an exception, though, because she was walking on the train tracks at Shibuya Station, as shown in the video here.

The woman was spotted by a railway employee at JR Shibuya Station at around 3:43 in the afternoon, on the tracks of the Yamanote Line. Obviously, walking on train tracks is never a good idea, but it’s an especially dangerous choice for the Yamanote, since trains come along the downtown Tokyo loop line incredibly frequently, often only about five minutes apart at midday.

The employee hit the emergency stop button and called 110, Japan’s number for emergency police services. Officers were dispatched to the scene, and together with rail workers they were able to get the woman off the tracks and into custody. Rail service on the Yamanote and Saikyo Lines were suspended for around eight minutes, but resumed shortly thereafter.

When asked why she was down on the tracks, the woman, who is in her late 30s, responded with “I asked for directions, but [the person I asked] wasn’t helpful.” It’s a cryptic explanation, but seems to imply that she’d asked a station worker for directions, didn’t find the response helpful, and decided to walk along the tracks to her intended destination instead. Considering that Shibuya Station’s layout is complicated enough that it’s literally been used as a dungeon map for an RPG video game, frustration at trying to navigate the complex is relatable, but still, it’s always best to get into a train if you’re intending to travel by rail.

Source: FNN Prime Online, J-Cast
Top image: Wikipedia/RGB256
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