Yamanote line

Tokyo party problem: Last train on most important line will soon leave almost 30 minutes earlier

Keep an eye on the clock unless you want to stay out all night.

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Downtown Tokyo set to open its most important train station in 50 years, and now it has a name

Did the planners take our readers’ suggestion for the new Yamanote Line stop?

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Major Tokyo train line stopped for one hour as passenger gets own head stuck under seat

Alcohol is believed to have played a role.

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Want to choose the name of Tokyo’s most important new station? Here’s your chance!

Tokyo’s Yamanote loop line is getting its first new station in nearly half a century, and Japan Railways wants you to give it a name.

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Hypnotic moving map of Tokyo’s crazy rush hour trains almost makes them relaxing【Video】

There’s definitely a beauty to the controlled chaos of the morning commute in Japan’s capital.

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Final Fantasy event lets riders unlock goodies and battle bosses on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line【Pics】

Unique wallpapers and boss fights are waiting to be discovered by brave heroes wielding smartphones

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Nippon TV secretly records Asahi Newspaper reporter secretly recording up woman’s skirt

“As long as everybody is videotaping everyone else, justice will be done.” (Marge Simpson)

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What should Tokyo’s newest rail station be called? Poll asks high school girls for their opinion

It’s for trains, but “Space Station” did surprisingly well in the survey.

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Construction start date announced for rebuilding of Tokyo’s iconic Harajuku Station

If you want to see the Tokyo landmark in its current form, go now.

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Tokyo-area rail operator accidentally sends message that everything is OK when it’s really not

You can only trust half of what this Japan Railways display board is telling you.

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Mr. Sato participates in beer company’s mysterious “escape game”

On July 16th, the Japanese beer company, Kirin, released an all-new brand of gin-based alcohol called Kirin Dry Rickey. To build up hype for their new product, Kirin ran a very unique sort of promotional event on Tokyo’s Yamanote train line. When most companies would have thrown their entire advertisement budget into posters, billboards, and commercials, Kirin organized a special event known as nothing more than an “escape game.” Our very own Mr. Sato, lured in by the mystery and the smell of booze, decided to take part in this very special game and discover what it takes to “escape” from a train on the Yamanote Line.

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Yamanote Line Accident Horrifies Tokyo’s Commuters

At approximately 3:30 p.m. yesterday, all trains on Japan Rail’s Yamanote line came to a sudden halt. The words jinshin jiko could be heard echoing through stations across Tokyo as announcements rang out explaining that service on the Yamanote line had been suspended and that other routes may suffer delays as a result.

Jinshin jiko literally means “human body accident”, and is a vague phrase used to communicate that someone may have been injured or killed as a result of a traffic accident. Very often, however, it means that someone has thrown themselves in front of a train.

Sadly, this is far from an unusual occurrence, and, as horrendous a sight it must be for anyone to witness, people have become used to hearing of these “accidents” on Tokyo’s train lines. However, photographs uploaded to Twitter by Japanese commuters yesterday have left many speechless and evoke feelings of pity for the driver of the train in particular, who will undoubtedly be left emotionally scarred by the incident.

The following images do not contain scenes of blood and gore, but some readers may find them disturbing.

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