On Sunday 25 August, a 58-year-old woman walking along the platform of Kanyama Station in Nagoya slipped and fell onto the tracks. The time was 3:50 p.m. and the six-car express train running from Toyohashi to Gifu was due to arrive at any moment.

Seeing this, another passenger waiting for his train also jumped onto the tracks to save the woman. However, possibly injured from her fall, the she was unable to move.  Watching the 3:50 train pull into the station and with no options left the man urgently called out to the woman to “get down!”

The man was instructing her to lie as flat as possible in the one-meter gap between the two rails. He then stepped off to the side and hoped for the best.

Once the train came to a stop, station workers attempted to retrieve the woman as the man was taken to safety. After 25 minutes, the woman was successfully pulled from underneath the train alive but suffering injuries including a fractured hand.

It’s hard to say if the unnamed 39-year-old man’s words were what saved the woman’s life but he certainly went above and beyond to help out a total stranger without thinking twice. With all the stories of snudging going on these days, it’s nice to see some true gentlemen are still out there.

Source: MSN Sankei News (Japanese)
Top Image: Google Maps