It’s a great stop to add to your Taiwan trip itinerary.

Looking for places to bookmark for your next Taipei trip? Our Japanese-language reporter Yui Imai recently took a trip to the city, and while there she decided to check out a gua bao, or pork belly bun, stand that’s so popular it always has a line. She found it in Taipei’s Yansan Night Market, a few minutes’ walk from Taipei Metro Daqiaotou Station, where y9u can also try other popular night market dishes like lo bah png (minced pork rice).

▼ The stand is called Taipei Qiaotou Lo Bah Png (台北橋頭魯肉飯).

A sign in front of the stand told her that there was only one line whether you wanted to eat your food there or get it to go, so she took her spot at the end of the queue. She arrived around 6:30 pm, shortly after opening time, and lined up for 30 minutes before she was able to order.

One thing Yui noted is that there’s no paper menu at the register for you to read or point at when giving your order, so you need to say your order verbally. Luckily, all you need to know is the word for what you want to order–in Yui’s case, “gua bao” (刈包) and whether you want it for here (内用, “nei yong”) or to-go (外帶, “waidai”). It might help to take a note on a piece of paper or a smartphone if you think you’ll draw a blank when it comes time to order.

Yui successfully ordered her gua bao to-go for 50 New Taiwan dollars (US$1.63), and then she dug into her freshly cooked treat with its fluffy steamed bun. She really enjoyed the balance of fatty and lean pork meat subtly flavored with soy sauce.

▼ It’s a pretty hearty snack for such an affordable price.

▼ There’s much more to this sandwich than pork.

It also included the saltiness of pickled greens, the kick of coriander, and the comforting crunch of peanuts, hitting all the right flavor notes. Yui could totally understand why so many people lined up for this.

If you’re thinking of eating your gua bao there, keep in mind that there are only three tables! You may have to share space with strangers, though that may only add to your Taipei experience. Want something sweet to wash it down? Try a delicious milk doughnut nearby!

Restaurant information
Taipei Qiaotou Lo Bah Png / 台北橋頭魯肉飯
Address: Taipei Datong District, Yanping N Road, Section 3 No. 24
Open: 6:15 p.m.-11 p.m.
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays

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