Meat Butler goes viral for space-age yakiniku train system

We try it in real life to see if it’s as good as it looks in TikTok videos.

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This popular limited-time mango yogurt shaved ice in Taiwan is everything you need this summer

Don’t miss stopping at this delicious shaved ice specialty shop if you’ll be in Taipei during the hotter months.

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We tried gua bao pork belly buns in a local Taipei night market that’s totally worth lining up for

It’s a great stop to add to your Taiwan trip itinerary.

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Bent postboxes in Taiwan are a heartwarming reminder to never give up

These mailboxes come with a tear-jerking backstory.

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Extreme budget travel! Can you do a good weekend trip to Taiwan with 50,000 yen (US$370)? – Part 2

Part 2 of our low-cost adventure in Taipei.

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Extreme budget travel! Can you do a good weekend trip to Taiwan with 50,000 yen (US$370)? – Part 1

Go’s latest experiment to see how far he can stretch 50,000 yen on a vacation.

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Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick becomes the real world’s coolest subway pass

EasyCard gets an anime magical girl power item makeover.

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Taiwan’s Pokémon Go granddad is still at it and now has twice as many phones

What? Uncle Pokémon is evolving!

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Ramen restaurant’s new branch has had continuous line of waiting customers for 250 hours

Fukuoka chain Ichiran expands to new country, immediately wins over the locals.

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Messages of support from Taiwan warm the hearts of Kumamoto earthquake victims

Messagess of support, this time from Taiwan, keep pouring in following the deadly earthquake in Kumamoto.

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Woman in Taiwan sparks outrage after using elderly woman as a seat on the bus

Video footage shows a woman who may or may not have a confused grasp of “priority seating.”

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Awesome Goku cosplayer tours city while riding Dragon Ball’s Flying Nimbus

This is easily the best way to get around Taipei.

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Netizens are head-over-heels in love with the “cutest McDonald’s goddess” in Taiwan 【Photos】

Many of my guy friends who have been to Taiwan came back raving about how cute Taiwanese girls are. We know that Kaohsiung is the place to visit if cute 2-D girls are your cup of tea, but if you would rather interact with real girls, McDonald’s is perhaps the most convenient place to try your luck.

If you remember, McDonald’s in Taiwan has a glorious track record when it comes to cute girls since their staff started cosplaying in maids’ dresses, sailor uniforms, and other outfits since 2013. Among the sea of adorable McDonald’s female staff, however, net users have been raving over a particular young lady, whom they think is the “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history”.

See more photos of this doll-like beauty after the jump!

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Taipei mailboxes become local attraction after powerful typhoon bends them out of shape【Video】

Last weekend, Typhoon Soudelor, a powerful storm whose winds were recorded in excess of 230km/h (142mph), tore through the island nation of Taiwan before heading north to batter Southern China. It claimed the lives of at least six people in Taiwan alone, and has left a literal trail of destruction in its wake.

Now that the storm has passed, however, people in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei have been lining up around the block for a unique photo opportunity with a couple of objects which only just survived the powerful winds…

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Taiwan’s capital city begins registration of same-sex partnerships

Most Asian nations, when compared to Western countries, have a relatively conservative mindset towards same-sex unions, but 2015 seems to be a progressive year for the LGBT community in Asia so far.

Earlier this year, Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward became the first ward to recognize same-sex marriages in Japan. In May, Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City took the first step towards administrating same-sex partnerships, and now Taipei City follows in Kaohsiung’s footsteps to become the second city in Taiwan to offer same-sex partnership registrations.

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Taipei introduces taxi tours and 24-hour toll-free interpretation services for foreign tourists

Hello, Rocketeers! Have our recent posts on cute Taiwanese girls, guys and pets gotten you wanderlusting for the fascinating lands of Taiwan? Well, if the language barrier is a concern, we have some exciting information!

Taipei’s city government has been working with the leading local taxi companies to roll out some city tour packages and 24-hour interpretation services to make travelling around Taipei easier for foreign tourists. All the details after the break!

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Maybe it’s all the influence from the image of butchers in cartoons and movies, but when I think of wet markets and butchers, the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a middle-aged man with a fairly impressive stature wearing an apron and wielding a huge butcher’s knife.

Being a butcher is rather physically demanding, and as such, there are fewer females working as butchers than there are males, and certainly way fewer young pretty girls butchering meat for a living. So when somebody discovered a beautiful young lady butcher at a market in Taipei and uploaded a photo of her online, it caused a huge buzz and she became an Internet sensation overnight. The beautiful butcher certainly didn’t pick up the butchering as a hobby. In fact, she gave up going to college to become a butcher. Find out more after the break!

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Spot discovered on the Taipei Bridge without a scooter on it

Scooters are a popular means of transportation in all Asian countries for their small size and fuel economy. In Japan not a day goes by where you don’t see a dozen or so small engine bikes puttering around the streets.

However this video taken from Taiwan is on a whole other level. What must be thousands of scooters pouring off the Taipei Bridge are simply making their daily commute. The roughly two-minute video is eerily reminiscent of the million-duck march in Thailand last month, and yet it’s also strangely relaxing to watch.

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Man in Taiwan arrested for… polishing other people’s cars

Recently in Taiwan, authorities finally apprehended a man who had been terrorizing a Taipei community for an untold stretch of time. This possible terrorist had been brazenly walking from car to a car with a cloth and wiping them down until they sparkled. The fiend!

Thankfully, a brave citizen saw their own car being shined by the man and reported him to the proper authorities. Unfortunately, the people of Taipei only had a brief respite from the horrors he unleashed as police released him shortly afterwards.

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