McKatsudon: Easy to make with new spicy chicken nuggets from McDonald’s Japan

Searingly hot McNuggets meet Japanese katsudon, but is it a match made in heaven or hell? 

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Trying out Starbucks Japan’s ultra relaxing 2021 seasonal summer tea drinks【Taste Test】

Because Starbucks Japan knows we could all use a bit of relaxing tea time.

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7-Eleven Japan’s egg broth and rice may be the dream combination we’ve been missing【SoraKitchen】

Our convenience store-loving chefs are at it again with this egg-xcellent creation! Read More

Buto Manju: The holiest doughnut in Japan

A centuries-old sweet so sacred it’s still used as an offering at one of the country’s holiest shrines.

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Woman says she’s a foreign student struggling in the pandemic, asks us to buy her homemade chocolate

Sweets we bought on the street turn out to be suspiciously delicious.

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Fruit daifuku – A Japanese mochi dessert that’s simple to make and awesome to experiment with

Today in the SoraKitchen we’re mixing nature’s candy with Japanese sweets.

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“The best curry I’ve ever had in my life, ever” comes from a Tokyo curry vending machine

There’s a lot of great curry inside this machine, but one in particular is really something special.

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Ghosts ’N Goblins is even more difficult when you play it as a three-person co-op game 【Video】

In all its 35 years of existence, we’ve never seen this classic Nintendo Famicom/NES game being played quite like this.
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Are you brave enough to wear Thanko’s new Folding Umbrella Sometimes Poncho?

When staying dry is more important than the way you look.

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Animals weighing themselves are Japan’s newest line of strangely relatable capsule toys figures

We know how you feel, panda.

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We snag sleek T-shirts celebrating JR Higashi-Nakano Station’s 115th year in operation

Mr. Sato is never one to pass up a good T-shirt–especially one that salutes his home train line!

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How easy is it to win super expensive Japanese whisky at a gacha machine in Tokyo?

So determined to win rare full-sized Hibiki and Yamazaki whiskies we’re willing to spend over US$300 for them.

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We try some “raw” dorayaki from Kyoto and are overwhelmed with its thickness

It’d be hard to find a sweet as girthy as this one!

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Happy Father’s Day, Japan-style with the Asahi Super Dry beer tower set【Photos】

After going to all the trouble to raise you, doesn’t Dad probably need more than just a six-pack?

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Japan’s shortest train line may also be its creepiest, looks like something out of a horror film

Need a place to shoot a budget apocalypse movie?

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Berserk cosplay grieving – Working out sadness at Kentaro Miura’s death the only way we know how

Our in-house Berserk fan dresses up as one of the series most memorable faces…and no, it’s not Guts of Griffith.

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This super-compact raincoat from one of Japan’s 100-yen stores can literally fit in your pocket

No more getting caught by surprise in the rain!

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Japan’s first pulled pork specialty store opens in Tokyo

Will Toasty Guys satisfy our cravings for quality sauce and smoky flavours?

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This delicious naan-focaccia combination is the one thing we want for dessert right now【SoraKitchen】

We experiment with three different mixes to satisfy our particularly peculiar cravings!

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Michelin Guide gyoza in Tokyo: Worthy of the accolade?

We put these internationally lauded dumplings to the test.

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