Add some purr-sonal flair to your documents.

Making ink stamps of your cat’s or dog’s pawprint isn’t exactly a new idea, but finding a way to do it mess-free has been elusive until now. Enter the Pettouch kit, a successfully crowdfunded invention by Japanese design company Shachihata, famous on the SoraNews24 site for making the ingenious handwashing stamps. Their ink kit uses real ink, but none of it gets on your pet’s paw in the process.

How does it work? It utilizes a reusable film sheet that has ink on the bottom, along with a sheet of plain paper placed underneath. When your pet’s paw touches the non-inked side, the ink transfers to the paper, creating a mess-free paw print. You can wipe the excess ink off the film sheet when you’re done!

▼ To add more ink, rub the film with the ink pad included in the kit.

Shachihata’s crowdfunding campaign for the Pettouch kit originally had a goal of 500,000 yen (US$3,572.58), but they ended up surpassing that goal just two hours after the campaign launched. In the end, the project raised a total of just over 7.2 million yen (around US$51,456)–over 1,000 percent of their original goal–in the span of two months.

▼ And now everyone knows what a good fur baby your pet has been!

The kit officially went on sale on June 2, and included in the kit is the reusable film sheet and one ink pad in the color of your choice. They’re selling for 2,200 yen on Shachihata’s online shop or on Rakuten Japan.

▼ Ink is available in (from left to right) light blue, pink, red, and gray.

So use the Pettouch kit to decorate cards, make keychains, or just use your pet’s paw-print as your signature! Just kidding; we can’t legally recommend that.

Sources: Livedoor via Hachima Kikou, PR Times, Shachihata
Photos: PR Times
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