pet supplies

Our Japanese writer goes all out to get her cats an expensive exercise wheel from the U.S.

The things we do for our cats.

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Turn your kitty into a Japanese sweet with Felissimo’s new Anmitsu Nyanko Cushion cat bed

Nothing’s cuter than a snoozing cat on a colorful food-themed bed!

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Kitty high-rise condos now being sold by Japanese pet supply company

Space is scarce In Japan, so it’s becoming more and more common for people to settle down in a condominium tower. Even for those homeowners who can afford a detached house, the price of real estate means that more than a few decide on a three-story design.

So perhaps it’s was inevitable that this shift towards vertical living spaces would eventually apply to pets as well, which is why one company in Japan is selling this multi-level high-rise for cats.

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