Awesome self-building Gundam model video shows every anime mecha fan’s dream come true【Video】

Stop-motion masterpiece is a whole new kind of Gundam animation.

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Beloved Japanese paper craft wizard turns cookie box into a gorgeous sculpture

Once you’re done with your cookies, you can always take a knife to the box and turn it into a beautiful clock tower.

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This gorgeous, handmade One Piece clock light has TikTok fans putting their hands up【Video】

The clock, made by a Chinese TikTok user, lights up and contains intricate overlays of Luffy, his friends and the emblematic anime ship.

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Origami memory jars: Japanese Twitter’s beautiful way to collect happy memories like a coin bank

A creative and decorative way to reward yourself for your hard work and remind yourself that good things can, and do, happen.

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Japanese Knife Man creates a gorgeous blade with UV resin that looks like slice of the ocean【Vid】

The man who can make knives out of pasta and underwear is back with his most beautiful idea yet.

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4-year old wows Twitter with perfect pixel portrayals of Pretty Cure anime magical girls

The future looks bright for this budding artist, who made over 50 of the core PreCure cast out of acrylic beads.

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YouTubers come under fire for destroying traditional Japanese product in controversial video

The popular vloggers were forced to apologise after their actions sparked outrage in Japan.

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Plastic model fan turns to explosives to make Gundam battle scars extra-realistic【Video】

If you can’t spend hours meticulously painting the blast damage onto your figure, just wrap it in bombs.

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Twitter user plays God with unholy cat and Roomba fusion

Some Twitter users just want to watch the world burn. Others want their personal vacuum cleaner to have an unnerving cat’s head atop it at all times.
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Woman makes Fate/Grand Order fan husband a beautiful present; boosts debuff resistance by 5%

The loving wife of a diehard mobile game fan recreated the gorgeous Rune Stones from the game, and shows us how to make our own too.
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This amazing suit of samurai armor is made of five-yen coins, and you can make your own too【Pics】

Beautiful mother/son work of art meets a bittersweet end at the hands of the one enemy it can’t defeat.

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Nintendo Labo: Mad genius sets to build your own Switch controllers out of cardboard【Video】

Some would say Nintendo’s video games killed the conventional kids’ toy market, but now they might be bringing it back.

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Make Japanese food replicas at home with the 3-D Dream Arts Pen 【Pics】

You don’t have to stand outside restaurant windows to enjoy Japan’s amazing food displays — now you can recreate the delicious samples at home!

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Penguin Bomb papercraft is the most amazing thing you’ll see today【Video】

Watch as a flat stack of paper springs to life like magic, instantly becoming a three-dimensional penguin in the blink of an eye.

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Adorable wool felt fails show crafting isn’t as easy as it looks 【Photos】

Proof that the cute animals on the packs don’t always turn out as expected.

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Japan’s amazing screen door video game artist is back with new NES-inspired projects【Photos】

Intricate process creates characters that look as cool now as they did in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.

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Laser-cut paper combines kirigami and origami art forms into one beautiful creation

Up your origami game with these intricate cut paper designs.

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Traditional Japanese braiding is in high demand thanks to success of anime Your Name

These “gathered threads” have leapt through time and space to return as popular fashion accessories.

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Japanese artist shows cheap and easy way to scare children during next holiday season

The 2017 Father of the Year Award goes to…

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Origami onigiri: the art of paper folding meets rice balls to make munchable masterpieces【Video】

The highest art form is always one that you can eat.

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