It’s only sold at 170 post offices around Japan.

Japanese post offices can have some pretty cool collaborations–Studio Ghibli and scented watches, just to name a couple–but did you know they release their own goods as well? One of them is a 1/12th scale model of a Japanese post box that comes in 14 different models, and fans go nuts over it.

▼ Here’s the one we got: Model 13.

Our Japanese-language reporter Saya Togashi managed to get her hands on Model 13, which went on sale on July 7th and is only sold at 170 of the 20-thousand plus post offices around Japan.

▼ The ABS resin models are selling for 1,500 yen (US$10.56) each.

It measures 68 by 120 by 50 millimeters (2.3 by 4.7 by 1.9 inches), which fit nicely in the palm of Saya’s hand. She felt somehow comforted by seeing a miniature version of something she saw every day.

▼ It even has the English translations, just like the real deal.

Model 13 has a slot for miniature letters and miniature packages. The full-sized ones are super convenient for especially sending packages.

▼ Saya was surprised by its functionality.

The text on the figurine is identical to their full-sized counterparts. And yes, the slot does actually open and close! Saya could almost hear the metallic thunk of a package hitting the bottom of the post box.

▼ It also comes with an alternate lid.

his one has a slot in the top that is perfectly sized for a 500 yen coin. It can fit up to 30, so it could be your next mini savings box!

▼ To open it, you can open the side door, just like a real post box.

Saya reflected fondly on memories of seeing a giant bag of letters and packages taken out of these post boxes. Some of them must contain very private documents, but she knew she could always depend on the Japanese post office to keep them safe.

▼ It’s even certified!

You can find Japanese post office goods all around the country in capsule toy form, but what stands out about this figurine is that it has the words “Japanese Post Office Licensed” etched into the bottom. That lets you know it’s the real deal.

▼ And now it’s all Saya’s.

From what Saya gathered online, Model 13 is indeed a popular item. However, there are no set rules for selling them; it differs depending on the post office. Some offices limited the number of models sold per person while some didn’t at all.

▼ Some sold out before noon on July 7th.

If you’re on the lookout for one of these and you’re in Japan, see if you can find a post office that sells them here (Japanese only)! There are over 40 in Tokyo, so you’ll have a better chance if you’re already there. Happy hunting!

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