Yokohama sure knows how to plan big.

In 2020, the Japanese city of Yokohama unveiled plans to open a massive theme park on the ruins of an abandoned military base. There has been a lot of radio silence since then, but the city finally released some more details of their massive plans.

First, the project will be spearheaded by Mitsubishi Estate, a big name in Japanese business. Their plans for the Tokyo Disneyland-sized park–nicknamed Kamiseya Park based on the area’s name for now–include sustainability, cutting-edge technology, and a distinctly Japan-centered theme.

▼ Here are some images of what the areas may look like.

Kamiseya Park will use the latest and greatest Japanese technology in differently themed areas such as a live entertainment area, a kid-and-adult-friendly area, and a “thrilling” area. Along with real attractions, there will also be digital ones available. There are no details yet of specific themes or characters that will be featured in the park.

▼ The area around it will be bustling as well.

To get to the park, a new subway station called Kamiseya Station will be built, with a scheduled opening of 2027. The station area will include convenience stores, restaurants, drugstores, and more to cater to Kamiseya Park visitors. A bus terminal is also planned, which will shuttle park-goers to and from nearby areas, airports, and more.

And if you’re not interested in going to the new theme park, you can still enjoy a clean and green area. There will be business, parks, and walking paths accessible to the general public.

Kamiseya Park is estimated to be completed and open in 2031, but prior to that is the Green x Expo 2027 (the Japan Association for the International Horticultural Expo 2027), taking place in the same area as the theme park. It’s likely more details will be revealed after that, but we’ll keep you in the loop on any other updates.

Source, images: Press release 
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