“Pokémon Yogibo used Rest! It was super effective.”

Yogibo, an American maker of super-comfy bean bag chairs and other home relaxation goods, has teamed up with the Pokémon Center in Japan to release two new unbelievably cute and practical home goods on August 4.

First, Yogibo Hugger Ditto was inspired by Ditto’s ability to transform itself into any shape. You, too, can stretch the Hugger vertically or horizontally to morph it into whatever pose best suits your current mood for relaxing.

▼ The perfect pose for perusing Pokémon manga or playing the games

Second, Yogibo Hugger Snorlax was designed to also accommodate a variety of poses so that you can relax however you’d like. However, we’re fairly certain that the following pose is the one that customers will opt for most of the time.

▼ Hasn’t everyone at one time or another dreamt of sleeping on Snorlax’s or Totoro’s tummy?

The Huggers are truly the perfect in-between size that are easily portable and won’t block your doorway. Both of them cost 39,000 yen (US$276) and will be available to order on the Pokémon Center Online Store on August 4 at 10 a.m. JST. Please note that there are currently no plans to sell them at physical Pokémon Center locations or on Yogibo’s online store.

▼ They also arrive in fun packaging!

Before the word gets out much more, maybe we should hide the news of these giant Huggers from our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun. After all, the last time he bought a comfy Yogibo sofa for his home, his work productivity took a deep dive.

Source: ITmedia Inc.
Images: PR Times
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