It may not hold enough water to save the day in the case of a fire, but your water bottle can still dream!

Regular RocketNews24 readers may associate the name Felissimo with all things cat, but this time the Japanese online retailer has teamed up with the Kobe City Fire Department to bring us the coolest, most appropriately themed water bottle holders in the history of the world.

Designed to resemble uniforms worn by Kobe City firefighters, these water bottle holders are the newest addition to the Munidée line, which already features over 870 different designs.


The newest addition features both the fluorescent-orange firefighting gear and blue daily wear, both including either a cap or helmet to put atop the bottle’s plastic top, and detail all the way down to the littlest badge.




▼ A tiny Velcro badge makes it official!


Other features include an easy-open zipper, aluminum sheet insulation, a fastener so you can attach your bottle-holder to your bag, and it perfectly fits 500 to 600 millilitre bottles (16.9 to 20.3 fluid ounces).


▼ And if you decide to get both, you can even make them hold hands! ♥



▼ They look almost the same as the real thing!


Both are available for preorder now on Felissimo’s website for 3,880 yen (US$35.46) each, with delivery expected by mid-August. They will be available to order only until September 30, however, so if you want to help your water bottle live its dream of being a fire-fighting hero, be sure you don’t miss the deadline!

Source and images: Felissimo via IROIRO