This burger impacts the eyes as much as the stomach.

On a recent trip to Busan, our Japanese-language reporter got a hankering for a burger at Lotteria, a fast food chain established first in Japan and then South Korea. Lotteria is known for coming up with some unusual burgers in Japan, like chocolate and chicken, so Go wasn’t too surprised to find out Korea has its own eye-catching options. His craving was for a very specific burger he’d seen on a poster outside the restaurant because he wasn’t too sure what he was looking at.

▼ “What the heck?” he thought.

His Google Lens translation feature told him the poster’s text translated to something like “a boundary-pushing burger”. Its official name: the King Tonkatsu Burger. His curiosity led him all the way into the store and up to the touchscreen order panel. It was priced at 7,500 won (US$5.44) on its own or 9,400 won in a set with a drink and fries.

The more he stared at the poster, the more he became confused about what a boundary really was. This burger was way too big for its bun.

In about five minutes, he was able to satisfy his curiosity when his order was brought to the table.

Wrapped inside this innocent brown packaging was the King Tonkatsu Burger.

It even came with a tonkatsu sauce packet; Go translated the writing on the burger’s wrapper and found out the sauce was meant to be put on the edges sticking out of the burger bun.

Finally, it was time to open the mysterious burger.

Whoooa, nelly.

The tonkatsu was so much bigger than the buns that Go almost laughed out loud. He added some extra tonkatsu sauce as per the package’s instructions.

▼ Chomp!

▼ Munch munch munch.

It was a pretty good burger! The pork cutlet was just the right thickness and the flavor was decent. Besides its size, it wasn’t too different from the average tonkatsu burger, in Go’s opinion. Though Lotteria also has many branches in Japan, this burger seems exclusive to its South Korean locations. If it makes its way to Japan, we’ll be the first to let you know!

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