Guilt-free snacking with 129-calorie bags of faux fried pork Innocent Tonkatsu

Your mouth will never be lonely again.

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Mr. Sato orders a 5-kilogram, 12,000-calorie rice bowl with a pile of meat on top

Kitchen Origin’s “Meat Castle” is not something that can be easily conquered–but by Jove, he’ll try. 

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Food ASMR YouTuber caught spitting cheese tonkatsu out on camera【Video】

Kasumi deletes her Twitter and Instagram accounts after coming under fire from viewers.

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Japanese restaurant chain shows us how to make katsudon in three minutes【SoraKitchen】

Easy recipe behind this tonkatsu rice bowl uses just eight simple ingredients.

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Eat a mountain of chicken katsu at this restaurant in Nara【Photos】

If you’re into eating challenges, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

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This is Akihabara’s best hidden food vending machine: The Mansei meat sandwich machine!

Must-eat meat on the street in Japan’s video game and anime capital.

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Okinawa soul food: We try the most epic pork and egg onigiri rice balls in Japan

A fistful of a feast, these rare treats are more like burgers than rice balls.

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Kyoto cheap travel tip: Gas up with 2.2 pounds of pork cutlet fried rice curry for 12 bucks【Pics】

Need to fuel yourself through a whole day of sightseeing? Kitchen Gon is the place to eat.

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Japanese restaurant serves meals to diners via a moving steam locomotive train

All aboard the tonkatsu train! 

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Giant-testicled pig statue at Japanese restaurant baffles Internet

Because nothing says “delicious cooking” like huge, saggy pig balls, right?

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How much has changed in Japan one week after Naomi Osaka’s victory in the 2018 U.S. Open?

Japan is now experiencing “Naomi Fever” throughout the country.

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Take on a triple-decker cutlet at Tokyo’s hot new restaurant: “Tonkatsu is a Drink”

While the “Kanno Mille-Fueille Set” may sound dainty, this mountain of meat from Tonkatsu is a Drink is anything but.

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Seven diet-sabotaging Japanese foods to avoid…or seek out!

Despite its healthy holier-than-thou image, Japanese food has more than a few calorific goodies/evil temptations.

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Cheapo News: We find a place in Hiroshima serving tonkatsu pork cutlets for just 350 yen

A Hiroshima City meat shop and restaurant serves a tonkatsu pork cutlet and rice dish for just 350 yen…and somehow stays in business.

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Kanazawa Curry Cola lets you have your fried pork and curry on the go!

Finally, the great taste of a fried pork cutlet drenched in thick curry that you can slip in your coat pocket without getting wet!

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We pig out on tonkatsu at Marugo, the Michelin-approved breaded pork palace【Taste Test】

Our reporters made pigs of themselves at Marugo, a pork cutlet restaurant featured in the 2016 Tokyo Michelin Guide.

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Would you eat a pig-shaped fried pork cutlet?

Japan is known around the world for its immaculately presented cuisine. So when this photo appeared on Twitter a couple of days ago, people were instantly shocked and confused.

Could this be a new dish from a little-known restaurant out in the deep reaches of the countryside? Or could it be a hoax; the result of some fiddling on Photoshop to add a pig’s head and trotters to an everyday piece of fried pork cutlet?

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Culturally confusing Vietnamese Burger King found selling Japanese food

Recently our Southeast Asia correspondent Kowloon Kurosawa took a trip from his current residence in Cambodia to the neighboring country of Vietnam. Following standard RocketNews24 foreign travel protocol he soon made his way to a Burger King in Ho Chi Minh City.

However, what he found surprised even our cholestorol-hardened reporter. This Burger King has a special combo menu called Rice King. Not only that but it contained a teriyaki tonkatsu combo!

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We’re hard-pressed to find anything not delicious in the new tamatoro pressed tonkatsu sandwich

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that people in Japan don’t like fried food. Well, you can let them say it, but don’t believe them. As skilled as the country is with lighter fare such as sushi and nabe hot pot, Japanese cuisine can totally nail fried food, as proven by tonkatsu, or deep-fried pork cutlet.

One of the tastiest ways to eat tonkatsu is served over rice and topped with a fried egg, a dish called katsudon. Conversely, you can also slap two pieces of bread around it and make a katsu sandwich, which allows you to enjoy your cutlet on the go, or theoretically hold one in each hand and eat two at a time.

Sadly, eating your tonkatsu in sandwich form used to mean giving up all that delicious, gooey egg. That’s all changed now, though, thanks to the awesome tamatoro sandwiches now on sale in Tokyo that let you have the best of both worlds.

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Tonkatsu McBurger gets an upgrade and joins the regular McDonald’s Japan menu, people still upset

Back in May, McDonald’s Japan unleashed the Tonkatsu McBurger highlighting Japan’s ubiquitous piece of breaded meat, the tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet). Although it didn’t entirely win us over against Mos Burger’s tonkatsu burger when it first came out, the masses were pleased and cleaned out the burger chain of supplies before the Tonkatsu McBurger was scheduled to finish.

Due to that success McDonald’s will bring back the Tonkatsu McBurger but planned an added feature for its inauguration into the regular menu across Japan – a truly special moment in any sandwich’s life. This addition is an elaborately created sauce promising to heighten its flavor to a whole new level. But is it enough to win back customers lost after this summer’s chicken scandal?

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