Japanese burger chain launches an explosive combo: the spicy ramen burger!

A fiery crossover that will sear itself into your memory and taste buds!

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What’s the difference between “cheeseburger” and “double cheeseburger” flavored chips?

We ask the makers of the upcoming Double Zeppin Cheeseburger chips what the deal is.

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Is it a burger? Is it a pizza? Yes, it’s both, and it’s Lotteria’s latest insanity

Vegetarian-friendly pizza-burger is the next Lotteria food mash-up, and it looks great.

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Lotteria to commemorate “Good Meat Day” with their meatiest steak sandwich yet

Sounds like this might be the best Good Meat Day ever.

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Japan has a chicken sandwich with hot sauce so spicy you have to sign a consent form to eat it

Lotteria, the craziest fast food chain in Japan, ups the insanity with its new ghost pepper sauce sandwich.

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Sliders come to Japanese fast food chain Lotteria, so of course we try them! [Pics]

Adorable mini-size hamburgers come to fast food chain Lotteria in three delightful flavors including their signature shrimp burger

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Japan’s new super-stretchy cheeseburger is exactly as advertised

The craziest hamburger chain in Japan is back to blow our minds and blow away our taste buds.

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Lotteria Japan reveals delicious limited-edition sakura menu for spring

Spring has sprung at the Japanese fast food chain, with cherry blossom hot pies, sweet drinks and a delectable-looking pink burger.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Lotteria adds cute Japanese character goods to New Year’s fukubukuro

The popular fast food chain brightens up 2017 with an adorable collection of Sumikkogurashi character merchandise.

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Piko Taro’s PPAP gets a South Korean makeover in ad for fast food chain Lotteria

This crazy parody of the original video clip centres around the length of this man’s cheesy stick.

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In the mood for meat? Try Lotteria’s $20 Matsuzaka beef burger… for three days only!

Fast-food chain Lotteria is the place to go to if you want some famous Japanese beef and a side of real wasabi!

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Get into the Halloween spirit with a bit of purple sauce in your cheeseburger!

Fast food chain Lotteria’s Halloween promotion inlcudes a cheeseburger … with bright purple sauce

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Lotteria releases new deer burger in Hokkaido for a limited time

The new “Wild Game Burger” comes with a choice of either one or two deer meat patties.

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Lotteria’s Burger with Everything on It takes us on an emotional roller coaster 【Taste test】

After ordering Lotteria’s heavily stacked Burger with Everything on It, Mr. Sato was brought to the depths of despair and back to greasy bliss in an unexpected turn of great customer service.

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Lotteria’s massive Burger with Everything on It dares Japan to ignore/finish it

Looks like the hamburger chain that craziness built wants its gigantic burger throne back.

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Lotteria serves up Shinkansen H5 Series Set to mark inaugural bullet train service to Hokkaido

Because the best way to celebrate the arrival of a fast train is with a serving of fast food.

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Lotteria wins us over with two amazing new potato chip burgers

Lotteria Japan has done it again. Just when we thought nothing could beat their ramen noodle burgers, they bring out these little beauties. No more dreaming of salty, crunchy potato chips smothered in sauce and stuffed inside your favourite burger because Lotteria has finally made our dreams a reality!

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Lotteria continues to try making burgers out of noodles, this time they brought rice to the party

Despite a rather weak track-record for its hamburgers with patties of noodles, fast-food chain Lotteria is back at it with the Moko Tanmen Burger. This time around they’ve also come up with the Moko Don Burger which uses a wad of rice as the patty. Good thing Dr. Atkins isn’t around to see this.

They say the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results. We’re not sure what to call RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato then, because he is returning to Lotteria for a fourth time to try these noodley sandwiches in hopes of some redemption.

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The five-patty Lotteria burger wasn’t big enough, so we made a 35-patty burger instead!

When we heard last month that Japanese burger chain Lotteria was bringing back their legendary five-patty Tower Burger, we knew that we had to give it a try. Unfortunately we didn’t realize the special was only available until the end of April, so when we finally got around to it there was nothing but boring normal burgers left.

But then we realized something: the Tower Burger is just five patties stacked on top of each other. We could just buy five patties and make our own anytime! In fact… there’s no limit to how many patties we could stack. We could even have something ridiculous, like a 35-patty burger!

And so we did. And we ate it. This is our adventure.

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Truth in advertising: Lotteria’s monstrous Burger with Everything on It is exactly that

You can probably describe about 90 percent of fast food with some combination of the words “convenient,” “greasy,” and “delicious.” In the case of Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria, though, you’ll want to make an addition to your vocabulary list: “crazy.”

Oh, sorry, looks like a typo slipped through. That should actually be “crazy!!!”

Lotteria is sort of the playground daredevil of the Japanese fast food scene. On just about any given day, you’ll find at least one item on the menu that seems to have been created not so much because it’s a good idea, but so that the restaurant can say, “Hey guys! Look at what I can do!” Every now and again, though, Lotteria gets its batch of crazy sauce just right, which is why it’s bringing back the awe-inspiring Burger with Everything on It.

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