Fugu flavor at a price that won’t hurt your budget.

Fugu (blowfish) tends to be pretty expensive in Japan. One reason is that it’s considered a classy delicacy, with pricing to match. The other is that fugu is poisonous, and can kill you if it’s not prepared correctly.

But fugu flavor is on the way in a very accessible and wallet-friendly way later this month, as Nissin, makers of Cup Noodle, are getting set to release an instant fugu ramen.

The new Fugudashijio (“salty fugu broth”) ramen isn’t part of the Cup Noodle lineup, though. Instead it’s going to be part of Nissin’s Raoh series, which is a touch more upscale than Cup Noodle, though still well within the sphere of affordable luxuries.

Raoh Fugudashijio starts with a seafood and kombu (kelp) soup broth, to which is added a special fugu seasoning oil to impart the flavor of roasted blowfish. Also part of the broth is yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit that’s sharper in flavor than an orange but milder than a lemon. The ramen’s included toppings are chicken meatballs, negi (green onion), and kakitama (whipped egg).

At 298 yen (US$1.95), Raoh Fugudashijio is a little more expensive than most varieties of cup ramen, but on the other hand, it’s a lot less expensive than pretty much any other meal that makes use of fugu. It goes on sale June 24, and if it’s anywhere near as good as the fugu ramen we ate in Tokyo’s Ginza, we’ll be very happy noodle fans.

Source: Nissin via Narinari
Images: Nissin
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