Osaka loses a beloved icon as giant pufferfish disappears in the middle of the night 【Video】

A sad day for fugu blowfish everywhere. 

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Osaka’s giant pufferfish may be saved by neighboring business

A new hope for the threatened fugu.

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Osaka’s iconic giant pufferfish may disappear due to COVID-19

The city’s once-bustling tourist areas may never look the same.

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You can now get fugu, Japan’s poisonous blowfish, for under a buck at revolving sushi restaurants

A meal equal parts thrilling, delicious, and affordable.

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Picture of a pufferfish vomiting water is the Japanese Internet’s newest darling

It’s certainly not without its charm.

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Aichi supermarket caught selling poisonous puffer fish livers, “been selling it for decades”

Health agency puts kibosh on long-running game of culinary Russian Roulette.

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Nagoya man hospitalized after eating fish with name including “fugu,” a.k.a. “poisonous blowfish”

Probably should have set off a few warning bells.

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Poisonous blowfish ramen restaurant in Tokyo is death-defyingly delicious【Taste test】

Fugu, one of Japan’s most gourmet foods, is the ramen star of the classy Ginza neighborhood.

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The secret blowfish auction — trading for deadly but tasty fugu 【Video】

Get a glimpse of how one of Japan’s delicacies, the poisonous fugu fish, is traded at auction!

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The next fad for UFO catcher prizes: tiny pufferfish!

UFO catchers occupy a major portion of Japanese arcades nowadays. If you happen to walk by an arcade, the flashing lights and fun prizes all beckon customers to try their luck at these “skill” testing games. Normally, the prizes are figures and stuffed animals from popular TV shows and manga, but you will often see snacks and food. Most recently, a UFO catcher at the Amuseum Oizumi caught our eye because of its prize, a real live pufferfish!

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20 horrifyingly tempting seafood specialities from Japan

Are you bored of the same old Japanese food and looking to try something new, exciting and a little strange? From potentially life-threatening to overwhelmingly pungent odors to just plain odd, here’s a list of 20 of the weirdest Japanese delicacies from the sea. If you are feeling a little bit curious and want to expand your Japanese cuisine horizons, click the link to find out more!

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Must try before you die: Fugu and shiokara from Japan make bizarre food “bucket list”

When you’re hovering on the verge of leaving this world, the last thing you want to feel is lingering regret about those unique foods you never had the chance to try and all those unimaginable flavours and textures you missed out on, or never knew existed. To avoid such a terrible fate, a list of 20 strange bucket-list foods has recently been compiled by a British news site and has been widely commented on in Japan, as it features two home-grown favourites: fugu and shiokara. Fugu is the poisonous pufferfish of Simpsons fame, while shiokara is a relatively harmless dish composed of shreds of meat from a sea creature (commonly squid) in a slimy paste of its heavily salted, fermented raw guts. I mean, viscera.

So my taste buds won’t spend an eternity regretting the tragic circumstances that left their fugu and shiokara cherry unpopped, I aim to get to the bottom of these Japanese dishes! Er, okay, maybe not right to the bottom. I’ll have a few cautious bites and see how it goes.

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Treat Yourself to this Japanese Delicacy if You Dare – Ovaries From a Poisonous Fish!

You may think it’s crazy to voluntarily eat poisonous fish, but in the case of pufferfish, or “fugu” in Japanese, it’s something the Japanese have been doing for a long time. We understand how the idea of eating a potentially deadly poisonous fish could be off-putting to some, but most Japanese people wouldn’t think twice about going to a restaurant and having pufferfish; in fact most of us would welcome it as a treat, as a full-course fugu meal usually doesn’t come cheap. Well, this time, we have a story from one of the reporters at the Pouch website about an unusual way to have pufferfish, and this is definitely a recipe you won’t be able to recreate at home! Read More