Picture of a pufferfish vomiting water is the Japanese Internet’s newest darling

It’s certainly not without its charm.

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Nagoya man hospitalized after eating fish with name including “fugu,” a.k.a. “poisonous blowfish”

Probably should have set off a few warning bells.

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Poisonous blowfish ramen restaurant in Tokyo is death-defyingly delicious【Taste test】

Fugu, one of Japan’s most gourmet foods, is the ramen star of the classy Ginza neighborhood.

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The secret blowfish auction — trading for deadly but tasty fugu 【Video】

Get a glimpse of how one of Japan’s delicacies, the poisonous fugu fish, is traded at auction!

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Friendly volunteers help this cute porcupine fish out of a prickly situation

Marine wildlife volunteers cleverly fight garbage with garbage in order to successfully rescue this trapped porcupine fish.

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The sake from Evangelion goes great with Japan’s poisonous blowfish…from a can 【Taste test】

We’re not shattering any illusions when we point out that the hit anime Evangelion is a work of fiction, right? Japan hasn’t built a new capital in the mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture, aliens aren’t attacking the country, and as far as we know, no one’s turned into a puddle of Tang because they couldn’t find a way to deal with their loneliness.

But there is one thing you’ll see in Evangelion that’s 100 percent true to life. The brand of sake hard-drinking character Misato regularly enjoys, Dassai, actually exists, and we recently tried a bottle. Not only that, since one of the many themes Eva deals with is confronting your fears, we decided to pair it with a snack that just might kill us.

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