Nissin knows what’s in the hearts of carb-lovers way too well.

There are many ways of taking the simple pleasure of enjoying instant ramen to the next level. One of the most popular and common ways of getting the most out of cup noodles in Japan is to finish up the noodles, leaving some soup behind, and dunking a serving of steamed rice into the remaining soup for a more filling meal.

After so many years of upsizing our cup noodles with an extra helping of rice, Nissin has finally turned this self-improvised carb-loaded delicacy into an actual product. Put in simple terms, this is  Nissin’s Cup Moodles, but instead of broth, toppings and noodles, the package contains broth, toppings, and rice.

The new rice-in-soup product, called Bukkomi Meshi, will be available in two variations.

▼ The standard Cup Noodle Bukkomi Meshi, to be launched on 27 March

The standard flavor allows you to savour the familiar flavours of fried noodles, prawns, scrambled eggs, seasoned minced pork of Nissin’s signature Cup Noodle together with rice, simply by adding hot water to the cup.

▼ Chicken Ramen Bukkomi Meshi, set to hit shelves on 17 April

Created with the brand’s original chicken soup base seasoned with soy sauce, the Chicken Ramen version’s fragrance of fried noodles, beaten egg, steamed chicken, spring onions and rice.

Our tummies are already growling at this point, but there’s only one problem we have with this mouthwatering product… will we now have to prepare our own noodles to upsize this instead? Oh the agony!

Source: Narinari via Otakomu
Featured image: Nissin
Insert images: Nissin

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