Instant ramen range comes with a crazy commercial that’s gone viral online. 

On 18 September 1971, Nissin revolutionised the way we eat ramen by introducing us to Cup Noodle, the world’s first-ever instant cup noodle. Now, as we approach the brand’s 50th anniversary in Japan, Nissin is showering us with presents, and their latest offering announced today has everyone’s attention.

Called “Cup Noodle Super Combined“, the new release is a series of four new flavours. And though they’re technically new, they’re familiar at the same time, because each one takes two existing flavours already on the market and combines them into one “super combined” variety.

The four new varieties were born from the eight standard flavours of Cup Noodle, with the best pairings out of 28 combinations blended together.

▼ This new ad for the range shows the flavours teaming up to defend Nissin against a furry pink foe.

The ad is so outrageous it comes with a message at the end to assure customers that this isn’t one of their crazy concept ideas, as the new products will really be going on sale.

The new varieties in the lineup will be:

Siupoodle (Shio salt and original Cup Noodle), which combines the peppery soup base of the regular Cup Noodle with the smoked olive notes from the Salt variety for a broth that’s filled with Western-style flavour.

Searry (seafood and curry), which contains thick noodles in a mild curry soup broth made with both seafood stock and pork and vegetables.

Tonso (Tonkotsu pork bone broth and Miso), which blends a “rich miso soup” made with three types of miso — wheat miso, red miso, and white miso — with ginger, garlic and a rich pork bone soup for added sweetness and umami. This one comes with a spicy chilli oil seasoning pack for those wanting to add a dash of heat to the mix.

Cheechili Curmato (Chilli Tomato and European Cheese Curry), which combines chilli tomato soup with cheesy curry soup, so that the sweet acidity of tomatoes can play against the mellow richness of cheese in the demi-glace base. This one comes with an additional “special cheese powder” sachet containing three types of cheese: Parmesan, Emmental, and Gouda.

Nissin is confident that the pairing of flavours in the new series will delight the taste buds, as the ratios of ingredients have been tried and tested to create the ultimate combinations — combinations so super they have the power to take down any furry pink naysayer and send them off to the arms of a Cup Noodle god in heaven.

The new lineup will be available at stores nationwide from 13 September, which is incidentally the same day that the limited-edition Cup Noodle Umaibo corn puff snacks disappear from Japanese Family Mart stores.

Source: Nissin via Jin
Images: Nissin
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