Even the distribution strategy is super-American.

Living in Japan, we’re pretty much spoiled for choice when it comes to instant ramen, and also when it comes to crazy ideas from Cup Noodle maker Nissin, like the instant ramen booster packs they came up with a while back.

But today we find ourselves looking out across the Pacific with envious hearts and growling stomachs, as Nissin USA has created Breakfast Cup Noodles, with all the traditional flavors of an American morning meal in a cup of instant ramen.

Dropped onto American store shelves with seemingly no advance notice on Wednesday, Cup Noodles’ new Breakfast flavor has the flavor of pancakes, maple syrup, sausage, and egg. The packaging refers to it as “ramen noodles in sauce,” suggesting that the broth might have a thicker consistency than what you’d find in orthodox ramen. In its press release Nissin USA says “Understanding the hustles of the morning grind, the saucy Cup Noodles Breakfast is ready to eat in just four minutes,” which is actually slightly longer than the three minutes most instant ramen takes, but still much less time than would be needed to scramble eggs, grill sausage, and whip up a stack of pancakes.

▼ Along with introducing Cup Noodles to the breakfast table, Nissin USA has also introduced “Cock-a-noodle-do!” to our shared lexicon.

Cup Noodles Breakfast isn’t just AMERICAN! in its flavor, but also in its distribution, as it’s available exclusively at Walmart, priced at US$1.18. Maybe if it turns out to be a hit Nissin USA will consider bringing over the Barbeque Sparerib Cup Noodle we have in Japan too.

Source: Cision PR Newswire via CNN Japan
Top image: Twitter/@OrigCupNoodles
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