10 anime scenes that puzzle non-Japanese fans

Besides cars, electronics and a unique culinary culture, Japan’s other global export is its anime industry. Hugely popular around the world, anime is often many people’s first look into Japanese culture and can even inspire people to make the leap to move to Japan and start a life there. But while anime mainly focuses on universally recognized themes like love, friendship and robotic cats from the future, there are still many scenes that confuse non-Japanese viewers. Read on for 10 common anime tropes that can get lost in translation!

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【Brain Teaser Time】  Can You Guess What These Cute Little Guys Are Used For?

If you are not ready to see the answer then scroll gently, the answer is at the bottom.

Our modern world is so full of useful products that we are often very cynical of new inventions. In simpler times, when whoopee cushions, pogo sticks, and pet rocks could be considered “cool” much maligned developments like spray-on hair and Mr. T’s Flavor Wave Turbo Oven may have found their place.

However now they are simply lost amidst a sea of gadgets that never took off.  As Ron Popiel might say; they were set, and they were forgotten.  Such is the case of these little items in the photo above.  Though they’ve been around for over a decade we at RocketNews dare you to guess what they do.

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