Late last year the Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association unveiled plans to build a Slowpoke Park or “Yadon Koen” in Japanese. This would be the latest in a string of prefectural Pokémon collaborations based on the regional dish of udon sounding a bit like Slowpoke’s Japanese name of “Yadon.”

But unlike the notoriously lazy water-psychic type, Kagawa has wasted no time in construction and has announced that Slowpoke Park will be open to the public around mid-April. A five-minute walk from Ayagawa Station in the Ayagawa suburb of Kagawa Prefecture, it is said to have six pieces of playground equipment with Slowpoke themes, alongside other normal park facilities.

▼ Concept image of Slowpoke Park

And that’s far from all! In honor of the park’s opening, Kagawa businesses are going all out to create a Slowpoke Paradise in the area chock-full of the pudgy pink Pokémon. This same area held a Slowpoke Paradise last year but given the addition of the park, this year’s is going to be even slower!

Since the park is in a rather rural part of Japan, transportation in, out, and around is key. Flying types are recommended to land in Takamatsu Airport and from there you can catch one of three Slowpoke airport limousine buses to take you into either Takamatsu City or Kotohira Town, both of which are next to Ayagawa.

▼ Bus operators, from left to right: Kotoden Bus, Kinku Bus, Kotosan Bus

People in and around the Kansai area may opt for the Slowpoke Ferry instead, which connects Himeji Port with Takamatsu Port as well as Shodo Island in between. Naturally, its decks are all decked out in Slowpoke murals and furnishings to enjoy on your mini-cruise to Slowpoke Paradise.

Of course, you’ll still need to get around the area and to help are Slowpoke taxis!

In addition to being fully decorated in Slowpoke accoutrement both inside and out, this special taxi offers a special Relax Free Plan which charges a flat hourly rate rather than the typical distance-time rate.

▼ The taxi’s back seat

It’s the perfect way to hit up all of the area’s whopping 17 Slowpoke Pokéfuta manhole lids.

Along the way you can also try catching all of the Slowpoke-themed products sold throughout Kagawa Prefecture. It probably goes without saying that there’s Slowpoke’s Sanuki Udon and it’s available in three flavors, with a subtle nod to the original games: Red (plum), Green (olive), and White (plain). The soup is made with sardines caught off of nearby Ibuki Island for a very regional taste that makes udon the signature dish of Kagawa.

The soup is so good that you can even buy it by itself as Slowpoke’s Delicious Soup with a pic of the little guy right there on the box. Use it on your own udon or as a seasoning for any dish.

And speaking of regional tastes, this area is also famous for its production of olives and lemons. Put those together and you get Slowpoke’s Lemon Olive Oil. It’s also available without lemon for those who don’t need the added zest in their Slowpoke cooking.

There are also souvenirs such as this papier-mâché Slowpoke with a bobbly head based on a traditional Japanese nicknack often shaped like a tiger. These are made using the same materials and craftsmanship as the tigers and both Kanto and Galar region Slowpokes are available.

Keep cool with a Slowpoke bamboo uchiwa fan available in a variety of designs.

Pokédex scholars will also be aware that Slowpoke tails are quite delicious and for that reason a special line of Slowpoke wasanbon candy is also for sale. Crafted into shapes like pokéballs and Slowpokes, their gentle sweetness is meant to simulate the flavor of this tasty appendage.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot going on and probably too much to fit into a single day. But as luck would have it, Slowpoke accommodations are also available in the area. Four hotels will be offering Slowpoke theme rooms with wall-to-wall decorations of the worlds most relaxing Pokémon.

▼ Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel (Takamatsu City)

▼ Marugame Plaza Hotel (Marugame City)

▼ Kotosankaku (Kotohira Onsen, Kotohira Town)

▼ Shodoshima International Hotel (Tonosho Town, Shodo Island)

Each room also comes with a Slowpoke hand towel which – let’s face it – is impossible not to steal. Luckily they’re giving them to guests for free so you don’t have to.

The term “must-see” is often thrown around lightly, but this really is objectively a must-see event for any Slowpoke fan. It is expected to get underway in mid-April so hurry up and make your plans while it’s all on and don’t be a…you know.

Source, images: PR Times
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