Sports car engine-revving plushies, recorded from real Honda, on the way for Japanese babies【Vid】

Honda’s fastest sports car is also its model that sounds closest to a mother’s womb, researchers find.

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ASIMO retires from performing after 22 years

ASIMO is still big. It’s just the robot shows that got small.

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Japanese microcar owner’s tiny automobile collection turns heads in Japan

The cutest cars you’ll ever see!

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Honda releases official doggy wheel accessories, Shiba Inu shift selectors for your car【Photos】

Kawaii canine car style.

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Honda has created a GPS navigation system for your shoes【Video】

Ashirase sounds great for anyone who gets lost easily, but there’s another group of people Honda has in mind.

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Natsumi’s pink scooter from Weathering with You now on sale from Honda for a limited time

If you’ve wanted to race around the streets of your home town on a pink-and-white scooter like Natsumi, now’s your chance!

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WARNING! The Civic hatchback can’t drive through Evangelion AT fields, Honda’s lawyers say【Vids】

Actual driving experience may not include Angel battles, Shinji, Rei, and Asuka want us to know.

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We test out Honda’s free rental motorbike program and eat disease-thwarting mochi【Photos】

Cruise around town and experience a different side of Kyoto in style and comfort.

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Honda promotes street safety with tote bags resembling “a police officer hung on your shoulder”

The car manufacturer promotes safer streets with this snappy side-satchel for grade-school students.

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Enako dresses up to celebrate new service that lets you go for a drive with Hatsune Miku.

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Major Japanese ramen chain’s logo confuses Honda cars’ AI

Although in the cars’ defense I never really knew what that logo was supposed to be either.

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Japanese schoolgirl takes car salesman on test drive he’ll never forget in cool Honda ad【Video】

Sports car dealer learns that looks can be deceiving.

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An ad you won’t want to skip: Honda’s animated short is dropping jaws【Video】

Honda has come a long way since being founded in 1946. Now world-renown, the company has moved on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, as well as internal combustion engines. Automobiles aren’t the only things it produces either, with lawnmowers, planes, and robots among its list of products.

This new short animation, created by stop-motion masters PES, illustrates Honda’s unique transformation and accomplishments over the years. The two-minute film took a team of dozens of animators and illustrators four months and thousands of original drawings to complete. Keep in mind the fact that absolutely none of this is computer generated—a rarity in this day and age—which makes the animation all the more jaw-dropping.

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Honda readying a Fuel Cell Vehicle for buyers next year, just in time to challenge Toyota

Toyota recently announced it plans to begin consumer sales of a Fuel Cell Vehicle sometime around the beginning of 2015, which has the potential to be a huge step towards a more environmentally-friendly system of personal transportation. Rival carmaker Honda isn’t about to let Japan’s largest auto manufacturer have this new field all to itself, though, as it looks to be moving ahead with plans to start selling an FCV of its own within the country that aims to be the class leader in both performance and price.

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Honda’s little robot that acts like a human is something you have to see

Fourteen years ago, Honda introduced the first generation of Asimo, a humanoid robot designed to be an assistant to people with limited mobility. It was also something of a public relations push to get people interested in studying science and mathematics. You’ve likely seen it before — it looks like a short, all-white astronaut.

A lot has changed since its first unveiling. Honda just showed off its latest Asimo build on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” and we’re impressed by what we saw:

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World’s fastest what now?!

Honda UK has attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for speed—but it wasn’t with a car or motorcycle. They have aspired to be the manufacturers of the world’s fastest riding lawn mower!

Last July, the automobile giant announced that they had modified a single model HF2620, which they expected to reach 130 mph (160 km/h). It had also surpassed 100 mph in trial runs, though it’s not official until the Guinness crew is there to verify. On March 6, they met at a test track in Spain to see if it would break the existing record of 87.83 mph, set in May, 2010. And the results were…

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Honda’s latest ad packs a lot of cool optical illusions into a single minute

Everyone loves a good optical illusion – that immediate shock at what you just saw and that feeling of satisfaction when your brain catches up to figure it out. The recent boom of 3D street art like that we saw from China recently has pushed illusions to a new level.

This sense of amazement has been harnessed and crammed into a one-minute commercial for Honda’s new mid-sized SUV, the CR-V. Having been put up on 17 October it’s been well received by viewers who call the ad “Awesome” and the “Best car commercial ever!”

Honda has been known to put out some clever spots before, so this shouldn’t disappoint. Let’s take a look.

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Up until now, if you were asked to think of the most efficient hybrid car on the market, surely what would have been at the top of your list is the Toyota Aqua. After all, it boasts a 35.4 km/L (83.2 miles per gallon) spec. that really cannot be ignored. However, the latest offering in hybrid vehicles from Honda, named the Fit Hybrid, goes one step beyond in redefining the notion of fuel efficiency. Boasting energy efficiency levels of 36.4 km/L (85.6 mpg), it steals the lead from the Toyota Aqua. Honda’s Fit Hybrid is expected to be introduced and go on sale in September 2013 in Japan and in terms of hybrid cars, if you exclude the Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV), is set to become the most fuel efficient car in Japan. We’re sure many hybrid car enthusiasts can’t wait to hear more, so check out the juicy details right after the jump.

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Honda’s cool new “Hands” video just made our day

It may be just a bit of clever PR, but this video released by Japan’s Honda Motor Company earlier this week, simply titled “Hands”, is one of the coolest shorts we’ve seen in a long time.

Beginning with the line “Let’s see what curiosity can do,” the video treats us to a look at some of the company’s creations past, present and future, all in the form of sleight of hand tricks, topped off with a generous helping of computer-generated magic. Check out the full video after the jump.

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Honda to lend out more ASIMO-based walking belts for fine tuning in Japan

It’s been a few years since Honda first announced the ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility) robot and its associated promises of a better cybernetic tomorrow. But now, the company seems to be doing some further beta testing for its Stride Management Assist technology which will assist in the rehabilitation of people with movement disabilities.

On 28 May, Honda announced it would be lending out 100 units free of charge to hospitals across Japan in order to monitor their performance and fine tune these robotic power walking belts.

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